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Aubrey's pov

"Your ex boyfriend is a psychopath!" Drex remarked.

I laughed, as I settled on his couch, watching the news, well it turns out that Tyler was dropping bodies each day, he's killing without reason... All because of his stolen parcel, which of course, I'm responsible for.

"Don't mind him," I said. "He is just throwing tantrums, he'll stop soon enough."

"If that's tantrums, I don't want to know what he's like, when he's actually angry...It's been two days, still, he's killing people like he created them? What the fuck." Drexel raised his brows in amusement.

I watched the news, fifteen bodies now, I can't say I wasn't worried, I am, if Tyler continues like this, he would end the lives of everyone in Vino, without noticing.

So, my first plan had taken place already, I stole his parcel and I have it, lying next to be in Drexel's guest room. I can't take my eyes off that parcel, if anything happens to it.. I know I'm cooked.

I haven't reached out to Tyler yet, I just couldn't bring myself to do so, I was still very pissed at what he did to me, I don't think I would be able to give him a fake smile yet, seeing as I hate him so much.

"Tyler needs to be taught a lesson, I'm just starting with him, when I'm done, he'll be very very sorry." I said.

"You really hate this guy don't you? Drexel asked as he smirked.

"With every single fibre joining my body together." I said.

Drexel smiled. "I'm so glad I have my best friend back."

"Awwn... And I'm so glad you're my best friend." I smiled.

I stood up, "I'm running late, I have a meeting with a publisher in 30 minutes."

"OK, I'll drop you off."


"This is amazing." I grinned widely at Jensen.

Jensen was an American author, he writes romance books, and when I say the guy is good... Trust me, he's the best.

I looked at the book in my palms. "The fact that you pictured and described me as the lead character, and the fact that you named her after me is so amazing."

Jensen's grin widened, as he raised his brows. "You just seem like the perfect girl for the lead role. Aubrey's character is so fierce and nice, just like you. She is you."

"Awwnn... I'm so glad... I don't even know what to say."

"You can start by taking it back home and Reading it, it would be a pleasure."

"Of course- definitely- definitely. I'd love to." I said.

Few minutes after so many small talks, tea and coffee... I left the comfy confinement of his office.

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