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Tyler's pov

I didn't mean it.

Every fucking thing I said to Aubrey was a big fat lie, every word I said to her, was like-like a big stab to my chest.

I wasn't too harsh right?

I mean; fine, I wanted her to hate me and stay away from my life and my business because that's the right thing to do, right? It was the only way to keep her from danger, it was the only way I could protect her.

Was it?

Does she hate me now? Has she left Vino yet? What is she doing? Is she crying? Damn it! Why the hell do I feel like crap?!

Why do I feel like I'm making a mistake? Why do I feel like, pushing Aubrey away would only put her in danger?

"Tyler, you're going to go crazy if you keep over thinking things- you did the right thing, it's what anyone would have done. Right?" I whispered to myself.

What the hell are you doing Tyler? You're a freaking Mafia! People fear you!!! Why the hell are you letting Aubrey Chandler drive you crazy?!!!!

I stood up immediately, I needed a distraction, and the only way to get that, was to play target with my gun.

Walking down the hallway to my mansion, I passed a guard who was standing Infront of my bedroom with his perfectly sewed suit and black shades. After my heart wrecking conversation with Aubrey, I told my men to retain their positions, some of my men were scouting the Black Mafias area, we were actually preparing for the grand attack... Not only did I want my parcel back, I want their territory, crazy right? Well, they started it.

I took few steps back and faced the never flinching guard.

"Who did you work for before I took you?" I asked him.

"The Lorenzo's." The man said.

The Lorenzo's were once the leading Mafia clan in Vino, but thanks to my dad, he killed their leader and took control of their territory, money and other companies they had in Vino and in other countries.

"I hold a grudge." I found myself saying, grabbing him by the neck, we made our way to the target room, I pushed him into the target arena. "Stand Infront of the huge one, I'll try not to shoot you."

I could see that the man was shaking in fear. "Take off your glasses James Bond." I told him, his shaky hands moved to take off his glasses; I could see the fear in his eyes. "You don't need to be scared, like I said, I'll try not to shoot you."

I moved to the shooting stand, put on the goggles and raised my gun to his head level- bang! I shot.

The bullet went straight above his head, the man was shaking, oh hey! I have chickens for guards.

I was about to take another shot when Richie interfered.

"Boss, someone's here to see you." He said. His eyes moved to the guard standing Infront of the target, then he looked back at me with wide eyes.

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