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Tyler's pov

"Okay, so spill."

Aubrey's gray eyes burnt through the side of my face as I drove to the vino hospital.

What do I say? What do I tell her? That my sister has decided to end her life? Or that I was the stupid brother who refused to see her just because of some mafia crap.

Even now, I decided not to think of the consequence of this visit, I just followed my heart, Jullie's life was all that mattered right now... I'd think of a way to protect her from Alessandro's wrath later.


At least, with Gray by my side, I'd think of something faster, I knew kidnapping her was the only way to get her to talk to me, I knew it was the only way to get her to listen to me.

"Bresfort?! Hello...Ooo" Aurbrey voice broke into my thoughts

"What? I can hear you." I said, increasing the speed of the car.

"Hey! Slow down, do you want to get us killed?!" She exclaimed.

I rolled my eyes. "Sorry, I just have to get there fast... We- we don't have much time." I said.

"Where? And what the hell is going on Tyler, you promised to tell me." She sighed and rubbed her temple.

I made a turn to the hospital route.

"Where are we going?" She asked again.

I turned to give her a quick glance. "You'll see."

In that small moment, her eyes searched mine, looking for the unshared answers to her questions.

How do I tell her? Where do I start?

Finally, I pulled up at the hospital's parking lot.

Aubrey's eyes looked around before it met mine, I watched as her face grew confused each second that passed, until her eyes finally met mine.

We held each other's gaze for a while, before she asked. "Why are we at a hospital?" Her voice came out in a whisper like way.

I sighed and looked ahead. "My sister's sick." I blurted out.

I turned to see her facial expression, and as expected, it was that of shock. She would be, she only knew that my mom was here in Vino, at a family house, she knew nothing about Jullie.

"You h-have a sister?" She asked.

I could only nod.

I know I should be going in now, but I was scared. Yes, I drove all the way here, without thinking, now that I was here, I couldn't bring myself to get down from my car, scared of what I'd see, what I'd hear. I couldn't bear to see my sister in some sought of stupid condition...

I was scared of letting Gray see the weaker side of me, but it appears as if I'm slipping slowly, it was one reason why I brought Gray with me, she was here to be my strength.

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