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Aubrey's pov

The slight ticking sound of a clock resounded in my ears as I began to gain consciousness, my head felt light and my eye lids felt too heavy to lift.

But I tried my absolute best to lift them open.

My eyes fluttered open slowly, there was no need for it to adjust to whatsoever bright light that was supposed to meet my eyes, cause there wasn't. The light in the room was perfect for me to open my eyes.

When I did, I knew exactly where I was, the very familiar dark walls and the big chandelier hanging from the very dark ceiling... The texture of the mattress underneath my body was exactly the same as the one I spent most of my nights on, before I went to prison.

The silky dark sheets around me.

I tried to move my hands, but I couldn't, well turns out that my hands were tied to the bed, on either side with cuffs.

Luckily, my legs weren't tied up, so I still have some means of defense.

I tried to sit up, but it was kinda impossible, so I fell back down.

The door to the room I was, flew open, revealing the demon himself, dressed in his all black glory, he was holding a gun, he looked over at me and smirked, dropping the gun on his table, he walked over to his dresser, taking off his rolled up sleeve suit.

"You know this is low right, even for you." I said.

"I'll take the risk." His very sweet voice echoed around the room, damn, how I've missed that voice.

"Lemme guess, you want to 50 shades of gray me." I said, Sacarsm dripping from my words.

He gave a full rich laugh, taking off his pants and sliding on his black joggers. "Hmm, kinda." He said.

"Look Tyler, in order to avoid any nonsense in the future, just let me go." I said, although, I knew my words were going into deaf ears.

"Or what, you'll get vino to take care of me? Please."

So he heard, words do travel fast, but who could have told him?

He took gentle steps to his bed, I felt the other side of the bed go down, due to his weight... I tried not to look at him, trying to avoid his stare, and you know why? It was because I knew I would get lost in his dark eyes, I knew that I wouldn't be able to look away. I knew that I would submit everything to them, to him.

So in order to stop all that, I looked away, I knew I should put my plans into action now... But I wasn't really ready.

I swear it sucks to hate someone and want them at the same time.

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