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Tyler's pov

So, here's the plan.

Some of my men were already surrounding the Black Mafias area, ready to bomb and kill every fucking soul in that territory, while Drexel and I, headed to the abandoned warehouse where Carlos asked me to meet up with him.

All my men needed was my approval, with just a word, every fucking member of the Black Mafias would be dead without a trace of skin.

"I'm nervous." Drexel said as we stopped in the middle of the road.

Actually, I planned on giving Carlos the 30 billion dollars just to get Aubrey safe, I'll take her to Drexel and make sure they head home alright, while I'll go back to corner that bastard!

"It's expected," I told him. "I'll get Aubrey to you in a short while... Just stay here." I told him.

Getting into my own car, I drove off to the abandoned warehouse. It was abandoned all right.

I saw some of Carlos's men, guarding the entrance of the abandoned warehouse.

Walking up to them, I moved to go through the gate but I was stopped by the guards.

"Weapons." One of them said.

I narrowed my eyes and dropped my gun with them, I moved to go through again but they stopped me, I glared at the guard as he raised a questioning brow at me.

I groaned and bent to get my dagger from  below my trousers, I stood and handed the dagger to him with a glare on my face. "I've marked your face," I gritted out. "I'll kill you with that dagger. I promise." With that, I went inside.

Now standing Infront of me, was a very soon to be dead Carlos and my Gray in his arms, she was still in the state I saw her in the video. Oh this fucker's gonna suffer!

"I see you didn't honor your deal. I came alone, you brought a whole army." I commented.

He looked up

"Bresfort, welcome. I can remember telling you to come alone, besides, I'm not the victim here, but I do like a man who keeps to his words." He smirked.

Such a fool.

"Yes. I am definitely that person," I placed the huge suitcase on the table Infront of him and opened it. "30 billion. Now, give her to me."

He gave a sly smirk.

"You really do care about this one, don't you?"

"That is clearly none of your business, I have more important things to do, I'm tired of exchanging dialogues... Give her to me."

He smirked. "Straight to the point. I like that."

I gave him a blank look.

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