Signs i was trans 2.0

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Ok so I did the first part of this chapter a few weeks ago, but thinking about it there's maybe a few more signs I can add! So HERE WE GO !

I've ALWAYS HATED being called "Sir"
ALWAYS. I never used to know why but I just really really really hate it. More so than "he." Idk if it's the slight formalness of being called sir of the fact I'm not called it as much so when I am it stings more? But yh I've ALWAYS HATED being called that.... and to be perfectly honest I've always wanted to be called Miss. But I just sorta went  "i wanna be called Miss, but I'm.not a girl. So why? Eh just ignore it" GURL U IN DENIALLLLLL

Primary school playground !
I seem to have a memory of primary school talking about  "sex changes" as we called them.... And part of me seems to remember thinking  "Oh yh I could do that! Then I can play all the girls in our doctor who games!"
And part of me thinks maybe I said that out loud........idk tho. I was about 9 or 10 maybe

Oof weird.

Anyway that's all I can think of for now !


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