The Female Bodyguard by Jing-Yi
The Female Bodyguardby Jing Yi
"You have to stop doing that." "Stop doing what?" "Saying things that make me want to kiss you when I can't."    Planning to prove all h...
  • mysteryromance
  • adventure
  • fiction
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MiMiC (MxM) by TheoryKierei
MiMiC (MxM)by TheoryKierei
Be silent. Unless your voice is needed. Keep your sunglasses on. You trip and hurt yourself too much. Stay inside at all times when not with the band. You are not perm...
  • pianist
  • boyxboy
  • music
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Reincarnated as the evil fat pig villainess in an Otome game by Tony25031971
Reincarnated as the evil fat pig Tony25031971
My name was Satori when I died in the 1960s and I was reincarnated as Lilian before I died and was reincarnated as the Villainess in an Otome Game called "The Flowe...
  • pig
  • wattys2018
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Reverse (mxm) by TheoryKierei
Reverse (mxm)by TheoryKierei
(boyxboy) Growing up as a girl was hard enough in the early eighteen hundreds. Growing up as a girl while being a boy? Nearly impossible. Ariel finds himself stuck b...
  • bender
  • humor
  • wattys2017
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Finding my Niche (smut) by AAThanatos
Finding my Niche (smut)by AAThanatos
So this is going to be a Fanfic smutfest! This is a series of one shots that have been my "best sellers" in the years that I have been writing and growing. Mos...
  • genderbender
  • jercy
  • sexstories
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Savage by AnneLutz
Savageby anne
Sahara lives in a society without men-a flawless utopia; at least, that's what everyone keeps telling her. But Sahara knows perfection comes at a cost, and she's spent h...
  • dystopia
  • sahara
  • vote
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Jack the Evil Goddess by Tony25031971
Jack the Evil Goddessby Tony25031971
Jack Hasegawa, that was my name until I rescued a girl from falling down a mountain and instead I fell down. It was the end of my life. Then I met God or at least I thou...
  • wattys2018
  • goddess
  • lgbt
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Raid, một trong sáu người hùng đã một mình chiến đấu với Ma Thần và bỏ mạng. Sau khi chạm mặt một vị thần(kinh) thì anh tỉnh lại, và chợt nhận ra mình đã được tái sinh m...
  • shoujo
  • fantasy
  • slice
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As the world falls down || Jareth x reader || by Otaku-fan-101
As the world falls down || Socially_awkward
What if it wasn't Sarah that enter the Labyrinth. But instead her best friend (Y/n) who mistakenly wished their baby brother, Toby, away to the Goblin king. Will the tal...
  • adventure
  • davidbowie
  • reader
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The Law of Guys (boyxboy) by currerbellwasbetter
The Law of Guys (boyxboy)by Full Name ;)
**Wattpad Picks Up and Coming List| 6.7.18** Greyson Montgomery has a LOT to say: "Dear People, We would not be this way if you were not constantly telling us: 1)...
  • firstlove
  • lgbtrights
  • bxb
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Gas station (Scomiche) by scomiche1pentatonix
Gas station (Scomiche)by sco_ptx
Scott Hoying - a 16 year old worker at a local gas station - met Mitch grassi, a shy unpopular boy, on one of his shifts. Where will they go from their first encounter? ...
  • schomiche
  • gás
  • wattys2017
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Otome Game vs Demon King Game by Tony25031971
Otome Game vs Demon King Gameby Tony25031971
The sequel to "Reincarnated as the evil fat pig Villainess in an Otome Game", where Princess Sarah now known as the goddess Sarah has to navigate the World of...
  • genderbender
  • adventure
  • reincarnated
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ML Genderbend OneShots✔ by RalucaMarin5
ML Genderbend OneShots✔by RalucaMarin5
This book contains one shots about Miraculous Ladybug but genderbend.
  • ladrian
  • adrienne
  • miraculousladybug
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Gravity Falls Oneshots (X reader) by LivCipher2
Gravity Falls Oneshots (X reader)by LivBlue
>> Here you can find stories of you (the most pretty and cute reader to ever exist) and any character of Gravity Falls. I will begin with my favorites, but don't b...
  • gender
  • genderfluid
  • male
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I'm a TRANnosaurus | Trans Guy Things Part 2 by TheKingOfLosers
I'm a TRANnosaurus | Trans Guy Your Pal, Val
~The second edition to "Trans Guy Things"~ My life, as a neato trans guy. ?️‍?
  • lgbtpride
  • sexualorientation
  • transmen
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Solitude ✿ | kth  by Taemeaway_km
Solitude ✿ | kth by 𝓚𝓲𝓶 𝓜𝓲𝓷𝓳𝓲
even I can't fix myself ǝʌǝn ı ɔɐn'ʇ ɟıx ɯʎsǝlɟ ©taemeaway_km
  • lies
  • btsv
  • gender
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Really | Vsoo ff. by AngelouChichu
Really | Vsoo IChiGo
"MAKE HER FALL FOR YOU" • "What the fu-" "Hush, a beautiful girl should not be speaking vulgar words" WHERE IN EVERY DARE A MOMENT OF CLI...
  • vsoo
  • blackpink
  • blackpinkfanfic
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Otome Game on Earth by Tony25031971
Otome Game on Earthby Tony25031971
This is the book 3 and the final book of goddess Sarah's story, see how she grew from an ugly fat girl, became a beautiful princess, became a beautiful goddess and final...
  • reincarnation
  • gender
  • genderbender
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LIA DUNBAR| on hold by fandomlover727
LIA DUNBAR| on holdby fandomlover727
"I fell into a hole!" *** in which liam dunbar is actually lia dunbar DISCLAIMER: I do not own Teen Wolf or anything from the tv show. I only own Lia Dunbar an...
  • beta
  • fandomlover727
  • haydenromero
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What Kind of Man by StarsInTheGutter
What Kind of Manby StarsInTheGutter
Blood. Dreams. Desire. Things never turn out as planned. Fai did not ask to be turned. He did not ask to be saved. And he certainly did not ask to become a 'hunter.' In...
  • vampire
  • gender
  • fai
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