Coming out

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ok so i wanna write about coming out.
i haven't actually come out to ppl as genderfluid that are offline.
well my tutor and the college counsellor but that's it, so i don't have much experince with coming out as genderfluid so i can't offer much but here's this chapter bc i guess its necessary.

One big thing is make sure you can explain it. Make sure you know how to explain it to someone because ALOT of people do not understand it at all and may never have heard of it.

Be prepared for questions. I guess this relates to the last one. so just try and make sure you have answers but dont pressure yourself.

Try not to get too angry or worked up if someone tells you its not real. They're wrong and you know that. You're valid no matter what.

And a basic one i guess is only do it when it's safe and you're ready <3

um yh idk wt else to say lol

byee x

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