You. Are. Valid.

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Heyyyyy. Soooooooo im running out of ideas for this boooook but i rllyyy wanna carry on writing in it bc i love ittttt. Sooo imma give y'all a nice lil' talk for today.

You're Valid. YOU are what gender YOU say YOU are. YOU are whatever sexuality YOU say YOU are. Ignore everyone else. Ignore the ppl who tell u otherwise. only YOU know who and what YOU are. This is only about you being yourself. And yourself is amazing and wonderful and perfect as they are.
Ur body may or may not match what gender you are and thats rlly annoying i know, its hell, but know i, and many ppl see you as the gender you say you are. Bc you are who you say you are and no one else can know for you. You are valid and accepted by so many. Whether that be off or online. If offline things r difficult, remember things get better. They always do. I promise,  you will be okay in the end. Your name is whatever you choose it to be and no one has the right to tell u other wise or use/mention your deadname without permission. Your pronouns r your choice and what YOU feel comfortable with, and if they change then thats ok.
All of you are so beautiful and amazing. You have such a kind soul and a big heart. Ignore meanie assholes who attemt to invalidate you or hurt you, remember there's a community in this world who loves and supports you for who you are... and i think thats beautiful  <3

Ok thanks for coming to this talk. I'll see u again soon lmaooo

Bye gaysss xoxo

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