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This could probably be the last chapter of this book 
Ive made a new book for trans girl tips and help etc which im going to start and update hopefully, regularly.
My trans/dysphoric rambles all end up in my spam book 2 now so this book is basically done i think.

Ive made SO MANY friends and mutuals through this book !! And appreciate every single one of you !!!
This has over 7k reads ! And.i never ever thought that would happen !!

I just dont really know where to take this now because it became abit rambly and its been sat for a while with no updates, so i thought i better end it properly.

The new book will be structured better hopefully? And be more focused on tips and help rather than my own things.
I might post certain things about myself but only if its relevant?
Like if im doing coming out tips then maybe I'll tell how i came out to my friends
Or if im doing name choice tips? How i chose my name? And stuff like that??

Ive got one thing to ask-
Should i make the book just mtf tips?
Or would y'all appreciate it more if i did ftm tips too??

I wont know as much personally but i know enough to be able to write a chapter about things! And im always willing to research things for people !

I'll maybe update when that book os started but other than that this book is done.

I've made most of my wattpad friends through this book, if not all of them !
I really really really appreciate and love ALL of you !

Hope u like my new book too !!

Thankyou so so much for the overwhelming support from this book !

Cya in the new one !

Byeee !!!


Billie x

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