Sexuality Ramble

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Ok ok ok so
I'm sorta questioning my sexuality again XD

My romatioc identiy is panromantic. Guys, gals, non binary pals I see u all the same romantic wise. I can totally see myself being romantically involved with anyone at all no matter gender etc.
Sexuality idk...
Bc pansexual is sorta right but idk if I feel like it's not quite right? (Idek)
You can be pan and have a preference I get that. But I have a huge preference for guys tbh.
And actually I tend to see guys in a different way I do girls?
A guy I can find sexually attractive pretty easily? If I look at a guy I thinks attractive I can instantly see them sexually?
But with a girl my attraction is generally more of a romantic one? I'll have more deeper emotional connection to a girl and like I guess won't see a girl sexually unless we have the romantic/emotional connection first??
Like idk.
Idk if I wanna just say I'm pansexual and know myself I 'sexually' have a preference?
Or idk maybe something else..... maybe I need to read into stuff lol.

Also like idk what that means for non binary peeps.
Guess that's based on the individual person which to me again just says pan? Idek.

Idk if that made ANY sense AT ALL but oh well XD


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