When ur gender suddenly changes...

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Lol so this is about when your gender changes. It can be cool and fine or it can be annoying asf.

Today I woke up as a girl. Coolio. But like now I'm feeling very much like no gender. And today, that's easier bc of clothing and stuff. But sometimes it can be a real pain in the ass. I can be sat all comfortable as a boy or neither then bam, something switches in my head and I'm a girl. Which sometimes I just deal with and am happy about! Bc yaay imma pretty princess!!
Other times it's not that easy....
Bc I could be wearing something that's rlly masculine or I genuinely can just feel uncomfortable as hell bc eek
I don't "look like a girl"

Other times it can work in my favour bc If I was a girl and a switch right over to a boy then I can be more comfortable in my clothes and just with myself in general!

I know some people who are out of the closet, take an extra set of clothes out just incase it changes ? Which if I could do I would.
Or for ppl AFAB they take their binder if they have one and if they were to say, start the day as a girl but change, they can then go and put the binder on and feel a little better and a bit more comfortable?

AMAB ppl. Like me. Hi hello. We r rare. But hey. Yh all I can say is take an extra set of clothes that fit the opposite to wt ur feeling at the start of the day? And I mean if u do have access to anything else that helps then yay! And maybe tell me anything in the comments? I seeemnknow a lot more about afab genderfluid ppl than I do amab which is useless to myself but I like knowing bc Atleast i can still be helpful !! and I'm educated which is good!

So Yh  I'm kinda struggling for ideas for this book but I am 100% continuing it bc like it makes me rlly happy writing this book in particular, and it makes me feel clever and educated and like I'm clever haha sooo Yh :)

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