Staying one gender for a long period of time

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sooo sometimes your gender doesn't change as frequently as usual. sometimes maybe you stay as you're assigned birth gender or the opposite gender for a good while.

i know im not the only person who finds this frustrating or a little confusing.

if I'm  currently my birth gender and im that for a good while, I will do the questioning of "what if im not genderfluid. maybe i am just trying to be special"
and thats annoying asf bc its basically self torture.

Then there's staying the opposite gender for a long time.
This for some people seems ok. But for others gets complicated.
you can start to question alot with this one.
"Maybe im trans?.... oh shit what if- nah. maybe. what? ummmm"

Yeah I know a few genderfluid ppl who go through that thought process so it is completley normal.
Also the main issue with being the opposite gender is dysphoria but thats not wt this chapter is about.

Something else is not knowing when your gender is gonna change again. bc if I've been one gender for a while i do start to question. "when is it gonna change? is it gonna be random?? wts gonna happen?" and that can drive u a tiny bit mad.

um yh sooo thats that. I know not every genderfluid bean will go through this bc some ppl r ok with jist accepting they're a certain gender that day and for that amount of time and thats perfectly ok.

also i didnt mention neither or both? of you feel these for a while i guess u could start to question if you're agender or just non binary etc.

anyway i hope this all made sense.

Byeee for nowww x

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