Coming Out

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Last night
Came Out
To me irl BFF

She was soooo nice about itt.
She also didn't have many questions which was useful XD

Weirdly im seeing her Thursday now...
Scares me
Cos i wasn't expecting too so soon after.
But it did go okay so
She wont exactly hate me


So yeah
All my irl BEST friends know now ig
She probably doesn't quite understand. But that's okay.
Think she's just taking it that I'm a girl so hey that's finee.

Imma try get her watch butterfly

Anyway so yh i came out to my best friend

She said she gonna try do my make up for me !!!! She doesn't even wear the damn thing herself but ! It'll be funny if it goes wrong XD

Anyway so yeah that went really well !

Just. Yeah..
It's weird af man.
I feel exposed and i dont like it but also feelin free is nice? Brains abit confuzzled.

Next step? Parents.

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