What is genderfluid?

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sooo definition on the internet are rlly confusing sometimes so imma try my best for you all.

Genderfluid is when you feel like you switch between genders. u can feel like a boy, girl, both or neither. any other gender identity such as demiboy/girl are also valid. you can feel a combination of these or just one of them.
What gender you feel can change anytime. it could be daily, weekly or even monthly or longer. sometimes it can change throughout the day!
ive been a boy, girl and neither all in one day before, so its normal.
It can change when you react to different situations or u can be influenced by things sometimes.
This can cause issues with feeling comfortable with yourself in certain clothes etc. (I'll discuss clothes in a future chapter)
i tend to change every other day atm? it was everyday or even more often than that at one point.
rn? i feel like a boy. but i still wanna use they/them pronouns atm.
(pronoun chapter coming soon)
sooo its a personal thing.

its a tad long but I'd say its in much better terms than everything i found on the internet when i was looking for help.

if there's anything you can i could've added or said better let me know :)

~Billie x

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