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ENAMOURED by agatharoza
{completed story} Sequel of ENTWINED - Book 2 of the Entwined Trilogy After discovering she's a descendant of Hades, Avery must find a way to escape those hunting her an...
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Genderfluid by alltimeroadie
Genderfluidby M
The constant struggle of never knowing which gender you'll belong to. BEFORE READING: This is old. There will be parts that are inaccurate. I deleted 26 of the original...
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skinny boy » joshler by miqraine
skinny boy » joshlerby acey
josh isn't the skinniest boy you've ever met. but he will be. (tw for eating disorders & selfharm/suicide(?)/transphobia)
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lgbtq+ shit by _lixxie
lgbtq+ shitby Felix
yoyo im non binary and want 2 tlk bout lgbtq+ stuf
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Gender and sexuality problems: The Gender Thief by CarterChase878
Gender and sexuality problems: Carter Chase
This is a list of problems people in the LGBT+ community run into plus a few I run into as a genderfluid pansexual cutie Highest Rank 76 in Random
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Made To Love (ZhanYi Ff) by maxine_jung
Made To Love (ZhanYi Ff)by Miss Wei Ying
" You are my entire Heart in Human form" Painter/ Artist Xiao Zhan Cute Campus Sweetheart Wang Yibo
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A Priestess for the Blind God (Legends of Rahasia Book 1) by FaeWhit
A Priestess for the Blind God ( Fae Whit
"The Blind God walks around me, and I feel my mind prodded again like it was in the cavern, a spider weaving a tangled web. "Would you do anything to be rememb...
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To Zion  by -leavemetodream-
To Zion by c
When a paper airplane, containing a confession of feelings for him, hits the back of Zion's head, his whole school year is suddenly turned into a quest to find his secre...
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LGBT+ [Complited] by xelaa_ia
LGBT+ [Complited]by dominata
⚠️Only picture ⚠️
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Milo by goingallnight
Miloby goingallnight
[Demi Lovato Adoption Book] A story about little girl named Milani Rue. She's 4 and a half. She likes dinosaurs, trucks and trains. And pancakes, a lot of pancakes. Oh a...
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[OLD] God or Goddess? (Lady Loki Fanfiction) by Royalr_5
[OLD] God or Goddess? (Lady Loki Royal
Loki normally presents as male. But after joining the Avengers, they are met, one day, with a beautiful woman sitting on the couch instead. (Genderfluid!Loki and Avenge...
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FierroChase fluff by _ursoprettyithurts_
FierroChase fluffby Ambrose
Just a bunch of FierroChase shit Disclaimer: I obviously don't own any of the characters. We all know Rick Riordan does. I also don't own the cover art nor any media I...
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/Fierrochase One Shots\ by Fanofallfandoms18
/Fierrochase One Shots\by Fanofallfandoms18
A collection of extremely fluffy fierrochase oneshots. Mostly au's, but feel free to request anything! Highest Rankings: #1 in magnuschase #1 in alexfierro #1 in riorda...
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Lgbt guide by EdgyMeow
Lgbt guideby Max ♡
This is a "Lgbtq+ guide" to all who needs it. This book will include: · Flags · Sexuallitys · Genders · Flags · Memes And a lot more! So be prepared, grab you...
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Gravity Falls Oneshots (X reader)  by LivCipher2
Gravity Falls Oneshots (X reader) by livcipher
Here you can find stories of you (the most pretty and cute reader to ever exist) and any character of Gravity Falls. I will begin with my favorites, but don't be scared...
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One More Time by NicoBloomquist
One More Timeby NicoBloomquist
Loki. God of Mischief. Prince of Asgard. Peter Parker. Spider-Man. Teenage New Yorker. These two would never have met, they shouldn't have ever met. But after Thanos is...
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Meow (Kitten!Frank) by Jayzshandsrsoft
Meow (Kitten!Frank)by Jayzshandsrsoft
Gerard is a fucked up teenager that is addicted to coffee, cigarettes, comic books, art, sex and drugs but as the sweet, innocent Frankie moves into town can Gerard deve...
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Eighteen | Yoonminseok ✓ by PEACHPJM
Eighteen | Yoonminseok ✓by 𝓜
• Gender-fluid Jimin quickly discovers that adulthood isn't as great as they thought it'd be. Maybe moving in with their two boyfriend's was a mistake • #402 in FANFICTI...
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Diary of the Gay Avenger by artist_jotun
Diary of the Gay Avengerby Lani's Stuff
My name is Daniel. That probably doesn't mean much to you. But it just might, once you know who - what - I am. I'm 24 years old and I've been working for SHIELD since...
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Being Me by StitchedIvy
Being Meby King Sanders
(No cover yet but I'll get one eventually lolz) Don't have anything yet really lolz but you should all still read it cuz I wrote it and it's lamp. Anyway, this story is...
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