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To Zion by -leavemetodream-
To Zionby c
When a paper airplane, containing a confession of feelings for him, hits the back of Zion's head, his whole school year is suddenly turned into a quest to find his secre...
ENAMOURED by agatharoza
ENAMOUREDby live love laugh ⁷
Sequel of ENTWINED - Book 2 of the Entwined Trilogy After discovering she's a descendant of Hades, Avery must find a way to escape those hunting her and ultimately choos...
The Spider by RavenIsWriting
The Spiderby Raven’s Wings
" ... As I turn my back on the suit clad human, Tony Stark asks me, "Who are you?" At this, I simply laugh, "I'm getting really tired of hearing that...
Nail varnish. by signature_smirk
Nail signature_smirk
Louis meets the slightly too sensitive new boy in school. Who sometimes likes to be a girl. He he kind of falls in love.
Eighteen | Yoonminseok ✓ by PEACHPJM
Eighteen | Yoonminseok ✓by 𝓜
• Gender-fluid Jimin quickly discovers that adulthood isn't as great as they thought it'd be. Maybe moving in with their two boyfriend's was a mistake • #402 in FANFICTI...
Sonic's Half-Mobian cousin by AuroreDoyon15
Sonic's Half-Mobian cousinby Turtlepower12
Being Sonic's cousin isn't easy, but being half-mobian and half-human is even harder. When I was disowned by my parents for being genderfluid, you know what I did? Put m...
Class 1a, the class of adorable demons by Vigilant_Schemer
Class 1a, the class of adorable Vigilant_Schemer
Iida thought it was a good idea to make a class group chat... He would come to regret this decision rather quickly.
Sanders Sides x Male Reader by P0ndS4uc3
Sanders Sides x Male Readerby Max
Male readers cause i kinda suck at female readers
Milo by goingallnight
Miloby goingallnight
[Demi Lovato Adoption Book] A story about little girl named Milani Rue. She's 4 and a half. She likes dinosaurs, trucks and trains. And pancakes, a lot of pancakes. Oh a...
What Is Your Gender? (OHSHC X Genderfluid Reader) by nurget
What Is Your Gender? (OHSHC X icarus
The Host Club sees a very handsome boy in their classes. The next day they see a very pretty girl, but not the boy. The Host Club are going to get to the bottom to this...
Danganronpa THH Girlfriend Scenarios (hiatus) by TaekoYasahiro
Danganronpa THH Girlfriend Celestia Kinnie
Characters included: Aoi Ashina🍩 Kyoko Kirigiri🕵️‍♀️ Celestia Ludenburg🃏 Mukuro Ikusaba ⚔️ Sakura Ogami🧗 Sayaka Maizono🎤 I try to make the reader generfluid except...
Genderfluid... Always (MHA x genderfluid reader) [DISCONTINUED]  by _espresso_depresso
Genderfluid... Always (MHA x espresso depresso
Written by @KazumiKoemi #12 /2.45k genderfluid [24 July 2021] There will be no smut, lemon or limes in here! I don't care who reads this, just don't leave any homophobi...
L४VE • Lokius by JK_DarkSoul
L४VE • Lokiusby In†ernal Screaм
"Mobius... I love you..." "..." LOKI X MOBIUS FANFICTION STARTED: 28-06-21 FINISHED: ? HIGHEST RANKINGS #1 on LoveMyself ↯ 21-07-21 #6 on Mobius ↯ 29...
Learning To Be Layla by NeverLandLittle
Learning To Be Laylaby Lost little one
Layla is learning to be themselves.
𝚢𝚊𝚛𝚒𝚌𝚑𝚒𝚗 𝚋 𝚌𝚕𝚞𝚋 𝕏 𝚢\𝚗 ᶠᵉᵐ ʳᵉᵃᵈᵉʳ by xlonelymilkuex
𝚢𝚊𝚛𝚒𝚌𝚑𝚒𝚗 𝚋 𝚌𝚕𝚞𝚋 𝕏 𝚢 xxxyurixxx
Y/n was a bi and she transfer to morimori school.Y/n didn't expect to go to a club and lose her virginity Highest rankings: #6 yarichinbclub : 6/19/21
Loki's Family: Avengers + Loki by MegaBookNerd13568
Loki's Family: Avengers + Lokiby MegaBookNerd13568
Loki is taken to Asgard to receive his punishment. Odin sentences him to 6 months in the dungeon and then a further trial. After his stay in the dungeon, his power is re...
realization ; genderfluid!bakugou by SyIveon
realization ; genderfluid!bakugouby robin
bakugou discovers something about themself (with deku's help of course)
BakuShima Master and Slave  by Acid-Knight
BakuShima Master and Slave by Pax
Eijiro is a slave that is bought by Katsuki Bakugo. But what happens when Eijiro falls in love with his owner. You will also see TodoDeku, MomoJirou, IidaSero, ShinKami...
25 Days of Frostiron by RobinHood37
25 Days of Frostironby Wanda Maximoff
25 days of Christmas = 25 days of a different prompt not only centering around Christmas but the Christmas colored, metal wearing, sarcastic couple that is Frostiron. *...
LGBTQA+ Memes & Drawings!  by KbaeStar
LGBTQA+ Memes & Drawings! by KbaeStar
This book was inspired by my twins books, her @ is @Doodlexi she has made a book of memes for almost every single letter in the community so I'm going to do the same jus...