Eighteen | Yoonminseok by PEACHPJM
Eighteen | Yoonminseokby ☟
• Gender-fluid Jimin quickly discovers that adulthood isn't as great as they thought it'd be. Maybe moving in with their two boyfriend's was a mistake • #402 in FANFICTI...
  • jimin
  • hoseok
  • jungkook
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Gender and sexuality problems by CarterChase878
Gender and sexuality problemsby Carter Chase
This is a list of problems people in the LGBT+ community run into plus a few I run into as a genderfluid pansexual cutie Highest Rank 76 in Random
  • enbi
  • growingupgay
  • queer
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Coming Out- LGBT Current Topics/Issues/Events by Miss_Lady_Rain
Coming Out- LGBT Current Topics/ ☔Reina S
A story about coming out, my experiences, and tips for doing so. Commentary and a conversation. Suggestions are always welcome. [Highest ranking] 1- in nonfiction- 9/4/1...
  • endhate
  • wattpride
  • genderfluid
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FierroChase Oneshots! by FierroChaseKisses
FierroChase Oneshots!by Fierro Chase
These are Alex and Magnus one shots! (Some BlitzStone here and there.) Includes the following... AUs (Alternate Universe) Angst Fluff Etc... ** All characters belongs to...
  • fierrochase
  • hotelvahalla
  • fluff
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Supernatural BSM and DDM Preferences and Scenarios by Simply-Fandom-13
Supernatural BSM and DDM Tony
Warning// I don't own Supernatural or you. Trigger warning all throughout the book, but not every chapter.// REQUESTS CLOSED Y/n- Your Name F/c- Favorite Color F...
  • daughter
  • drama
  • genderfluid
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h e a r t b r e a k. - [fierrochase] by chasefierro
h e a r t b r e a k. - [ 🌻
magnus was drunk, alex had to deal with it.
  • heartbreak
  • angst
  • alexfierro
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LGBT drawings 2 by Tsundere_LGBT
LGBT drawings 2by sono un essere
il secondo libro dedicato alle immagini lgbt
  • immagini
  • drawings
  • genderfluid
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Forced To Be a Girl by JazzJennings
Forced To Be a Girlby Jazz Jennings
David was not too happy about having to stay at his Aunt Emily's house for the entire Summer Vacation. But after three days of boredom, things got a little weird. David...
  • boydressedasgirl
  • mtf
  • ftm
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The LGBT+ United♡Love WINS♡ by ToxicChick_PTV
The LGBT+ United♡Love WINS♡by Thalia U.
Completed✔ Highest Ranking in Humor #57 Highest Ranking in Random #84 Basically this is a bunch of beneficial, humorous, and strengthening posts. Maybe even some Notes f...
  • pansexual
  • lgbt
  • lgbtlove
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Transguy things by dannntm
Transguy thingsby Dan
Hi! I'm Dan. I'm a female-to-male teen who has a lot of struggles in life, just like many other people do. I'm here to voice my opinion and share my feelings and give re...
  • transgirl
  • trans
  • transboy
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Damien's Gay Club by Bisexual-Bean
Damien's Gay Clubby 🌈Beck🌈
To Join: You must be LGBT+ You must like musicals so you understand what we are talking about You must state your preferred pronouns You must state your sexuality/ Gende...
  • nonbinary
  • demisexual
  • lesbian
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Diary Of A Trans Pan by AmazingCarter
Diary Of A Trans Panby 🌈ⓣⓡⓐⓢⓗ🌈
We have LGBTQ+ We have memes We have Dan and Phil We have cookies Join us. *dramatically reaches hand towards you*
  • gay
  • genderfluid
  • spam
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Just A Kid {Lams} (Rewrite) by PriaSama
Just A Kid {Lams} (Rewrite)by ✡️So Mote It Be✡️
Started: January 26, 2017 -------------- Hi! My name is ******* *******! This is my first book and the idea sorta just popped in my head out of nowhere so it might be a...
  • leggy
  • tharia
  • eggy
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The Weasley Triplets by GryffindorkGranger
The Weasley Tripletsby Jordi Foser
Hi I'm Raina (Ray) Weasley. Triplet of George and Fred Weasley. I am a lesbian and gender fluid. There are moments when mum can't tell us apart! Can I just have one year...
  • hp
  • fanfiction
  • genderfluid
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Scars (Mike x Reader) by Kittyhugsyou
Scars (Mike x Reader)by 〈Indo〉
❝He's back. And it's time to open the box.❞ Closure. That's all you wanted. That day simply never left you mind. The blood... The screams. Tired of the nightmares- you f...
  • bonnie
  • fnaf
  • mike
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closet cases (sanders sides) by ShipperChan
closet cases (sanders sides)by whoOT VOLTRON S6 COMES OUT JU...
thomas is gay, duh. that's simple enough. well... not so much. imagine if anxiety were genderfluid, morality was non-binary, princey, well, was also absolutely fabulou...
  • bisexual
  • sanderssides
  • logic
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A Different Beginning by EzraVerwyn
A Different Beginningby EzraVerwyn
Hadrian James Potter wasn't one of those... 'normal' boys. He never was and never will be. He didn't get that 'normal' life with the Dursley family. Instead he got a ver...
  • crossdressing
  • tomarry
  • genderfluid
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Genderfluid // Wolfstar by jaithegay
Genderfluid // Wolfstarby j a i
Sirius wore pronouns like one might wear a coat. Easily slipped on. Easily slipped off. Traded in when it stopped fitting or serving its purpose. . Genderfluid!Sirius an...
  • lupin
  • wolfstar
  • black
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FierroChase by NeptuneStriker0
FierroChaseby NeptuneStriker0
Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard just came out with book 3: The Ship of the Dead! So, I've decided to make a collection of my favorite ship, FierroChase, for your (bu...
  • magnuschase
  • pansexual
  • fluff
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My Queer Life by -Aary-
My Queer Lifeby Air
Basically, a randomness book, including lots of LGBTQ+ things, help for those that want help, just about anything and everything.
  • genderfluid
  • genders
  • acceptance
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