National Coming Out Day!

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October 11th is National Coming Out Day! Part of me doesn't agree with having this day but I try to see the positives of it  :)

I just want to say don't feel pressured to come out to anyone! Using this day as a motive is fine but if you're putting negative pressure on yourself it's not healthy or good. And if you want to do it but dont/can't, don't be too hard on yourself. It's okay to feel bad or disappointed, all your feelings are valid, but remember even going close to coming out is brave, even considering it is a start and you're so strong and brave for battling everyday to be yourself  <3

The positives of this day, I feel, are it can be seen as a big motive! And maybe can have a positive outcome ! And if you're safe but the reaction isn't great there'll be an entire group of people.u can find online who've had similar experiences on the as you! You can help eachother and maybe make new friends who go through similar experiences!
Another positive I feel is the opportunity to share stories. People who have come out can share their stories to a group of people wanting to hear them, maybe finding someone to relate too. These stories could be positive or negative but learning how people get through tough times or how great things could eventually be can be such a comfort to some people.

I don't have much of a story for 'coming out' ? I have my sexuality coming out and that's kinda it.
And in this book you've more than likely read my whole journey with gender ? If you want it I'll write a chapter explaining it all.
When I first thought I wasn't str8 and then the journey to identifying as a pansexual transgirl :) at which points I accepted my non-cis and non-hetero life (lol)


Imma go now! Byebye! Hehe!

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