Why Billie?

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So I just got asked why I chose the name Billie! And thought ok that's an idea for a chapter right??! Ok cool!!

So actually here's one thing. There was a v brief few weeks last October I actually identified as non binary and called myself Charlie. Which is totally not the name for me at all. But there's a fun fact.

So it's rlly simple why I chose Billie 😂
I was asking for name recommendations of friends and also looking online and stuff and I think my friend Noah mentioned the name Billie and I saw it online? And was like "ooh that's cute" and then it sorta means something too? Doctor who related bc I'm a huge geek.
Billie piper played rose in doctor who
Bill Potts (short for Billie) was the first openly gay full time dr who companion character !! And if you know anything about me, doctor who isn't just a tv show to me. I've grown up with it. I have a massive emotional attachment to it. It means more to me than most ppl will ever understand. So I thought that's quite sweet :)

Yh that's y I chose Billie !
Also I chose Billie over billy at the time bc even tho I thought I was genderfluid I still preferred the more feminine way of spelling it :)

And kept it when I realised imma girl bc it's a feminine name, it's cute and i think it's just  my name tbh

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