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Here is a chapter of definitions of some lgbtq+ related terms !
(im gonna copy and paste some as i'm unsure of the definitions or of how to word them)

AMAB- Assigned Male At Birth

AFAB- Assigned Female At Birth 

Transmasculine- similar to a but not identifying explicitly as male and male only. Often a person who is to be more masculine but not necessarily ftm. Can also be simply an umbrella term for any person transitioning to be more masculine (with binders, testosterone, packing, or other common forms of transitioning to a more masculine character) 

 Transmasculine is a term used to describe people who were afab, but with to a greater extent identify with masculinity than with femininity . Usually transmasculine people try to appear stereotypically masculine in  order to create social recognition of their dominant male identity 

Transfeminine-   a term used to describe people who were amab , but with to a greater extent with femininity than with masculinity.

Cisgender- identifies solely with the gender they were assigned at birth.

Deadnaming- calling a trans* person by their name given at birth, after/if they have chose to change it

That's all for now folks! (i hate myself)

imma do a chapter of like definitions of different identities at some point soon! and if there's anything else u want to know the definition of orrr any questions please comment! 

okay later peeps !

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