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The Street Festival: How A Wallflower Became The Hero by sabrynabrooklynne
The Street Festival: How A Sabryna
Marty, is a quiet, shy kid, a loner with no close friends. He's always felt like an odd, uncomfortable, awkward person with zero social skills. With no positive male ro...
I'm a Mermaid, Not a Merman by IWannaBeAMergirl
I'm a Mermaid, Not a Mermanby I Wanna Be A Mergirl
Danny has always felt like a weird guy. Like he just didn't fit. He always felt like he was a geek who was interested in strange things. He'd never felt comfortable in h...
In The City of the Nightmare King [Formerly Wizards Are So Gay] by VSSantoni
In The City of the Nightmare V.S. Santoni
WATTPAD ORIGINAL EDITION The nightmare continues when Ryan, the gay wizard, comes face to face with the most unexpected nemeses yet. He will have to figure out if love t...
𝔾𝕀ℝ𝕃 𝘕𝘖𝘛 𝔹𝕆𝕐 || Bnha/Mha || trans bakugou || Serobaku by who_is_you7
𝔾𝕀ℝ𝕃 𝘕𝘖𝘛 𝔹𝕆𝕐 || Bnha/ who_is_you
bakugou is mtf (male to female)only her parents, teachers know Mina and Jiro find out what will class 1a think when she comes out what will 𝘚𝘦𝘳𝘰 think. will they...
I Love A Girl... Right? {REVAMPED} by IAmImmortality
I Love A Girl... Right? {REVAMPED}by Ian
An idiot falls for a transgender girl. Very short story.
Haikyuu Trans chat by Minx_simp
Haikyuu Trans chatby I simp for Mcyts
Just a text story based on my trans haikyuu headcanons💀
unsupportive parents by jasonw420e
unsupportive parentsby jasonw420e
hi, I'm theo, and ik a closeted transgender, I want to be a girl, I am a girl, but my mum doesn't think so
babygirl for the weekend by rosypink-
babygirl for the weekendby rose🥀
"I mean, you like wearing my panties, you must be a little bit of a slut. I'm sure you'd love to wear bras, miniskirts, dresses, heels, and makeup too." "...
the wrong uniform by jasonw420e
the wrong uniformby jasonw420e
when ben accidentally puts on his sister's blazer for school, his life goes down hill, or should I say her life
His and Her Confessions | Completed by SynDr0id
His and Her Confessions | Completedby Syn
His and Her Confessions is a heartwarming tale of two second-grade classmates who reunite unexpectedly in high school. After certain events involving his newly divorced...
Her Mate by Another_Lipstick
Her Mateby Another Lipstick
What started off as a good life quickly came apart for Crystal the day she came out to her family that she's transgender. The small North Idaho community she lives in di...
Don't Drink The Gene Juice by IWannaBeAMergirl
Don't Drink The Gene Juiceby I Wanna Be A Mergirl
If you could turn into any creature, that'd be awesome... wouldn't it? Seth had been hoping for a fun rest of his senior year of high school. He was going to go on dates...
Suddenly Royal by TiffanyShar
Suddenly Royalby Tiffany Shar
Alan and his best friend Ellie are enjoying being able to hang out on their summer break. Ellie has known about Alan's desire to be Allie for several years, and they pla...
Heart Flips by ilovebread_yeet
Heart Flipsby ilovebread_yeet
Kaminari has been called a boy all her life, by her parents, doctors, teachers, and friends. Kaminari knows that there was a mistake at the hospital, the doctor got it w...
Various anime X MtF reader by AdrianRay05
Various anime X MtF readerby Jack
I'm going to TRY to write MtF stories for my beautiful females. please if I am mistaken or inaccurate with anything I write, PLEASE donr be afraid to correct me!
MCYT and Friends - Trans Fics by perfectdegeneration
MCYT and Friends - Trans Ficsby Craigslist Techno
As the title suggests, these are MCYT oneshots which include at least one trans character There's a lot of reader insert Mostly hurt/comfort, fluff, angst. Sfw Updates...
When a mother wants a baby by harvadki12
When a mother wants a babyby harvadki12
A 13 year old boy becomes a little girl in nappies
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I don't wanna be a boy by bookloverfromnorway
I don't wanna be a boyby Olivia
James is a 14 year old boy. He feels that it is something wrong with him. He is also getting badly bullied from his classmates, as well as his teacher. ------------ BTW:...
The end of us  by Liam_03
The end of us by Liam_03
It's 3 July 2050. 10 years ago nature made a disease that mankind could not cure. If you read this before 2040 than be prepared for the end of everything you know. This...