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Her Mate by Another_Lipstick
Her Mateby Another Lipstick
What started off as a good life quickly came apart for Crystal the day she came out to her family that she's transgender. The small North Idaho community she lives in di...
Cinderfella by Artemis_Wood_
Cinderfellaby Artemis A. Wood
-A modern day, trans version of the classic Cinderella- Ethan Young's life turned into his own living hell after coming out to his transphobic family as male. However, a...
Midnight In Acriania ✓ (GxG) by GraveyardSiren
Midnight In Acriania ✓ (GxG)by Jaeson Clifton
Princess Isabela Dmitria Luciana Vaduva of Acriania is well aware of how her story is supposed to go--stay closeted, become 'King Samuilu', marry a princess from another...
In The City of the Nightmare King [Formerly Wizards Are So Gay] by VSSantoni
In The City of the Nightmare V.S. Santoni
WATTPAD ORIGINAL EDITION The nightmare continues when Ryan, the gay wizard, comes face to face with the most unexpected nemeses yet. He will have to figure out if love t...
Standing Up to Life by TiffanyShar
Standing Up to Lifeby Tiffany Shar
Brandon is a bright boy growing up near Albuquerque, New Mexico. He likes school, soccer, computer games, and playing in the school band. Small for his age and youngest...
Why I Became a Girl by LilyRook
Why I Became a Girlby Lily Rook
From the title, you might think I'm transgender, but that's not the case at all. I didn't choose this, nor did I want it. One day, I woke up, and my mind was in a girl's...
An Accident, A Decision, and Destiny  by sabrynabrooklynne
An Accident, A Decision, and Sabryna
Young Carl sustains a terrible accident as a child. A life altering accident that will change the trajectory of his adult life. There are several directions his future c...
His and Her Confessions | Completed by SynDr0id
His and Her Confessions | Completedby Syn
His and Her Confessions is a heartwarming tale of two second-grade classmates who reunite unexpectedly in high school. After certain events involving his newly divorced...
Option Three - an unexpected transition by Aqualityofmercy
Option Three - an unexpected aqualityofmercy
A male-to-female transgender story with a villainous setting. It starts with a grim situation, but with some dark humour (and tongue-in-cheek stuff as well) then moves...
Reel To Real by SadNotTaken4
Reel To Realby SadNotTaken
This is a story of a budding actor, Aryan who is set on a path of self improvement and exploring himself to find his true form after hitting the lowest of lows in his li...
The change  by franksonc
The change by franksonc
19 year old Kyle is going to get everything he ever wished for and then some, but it comes at a cost that he won't realize until it is to late
My Female Version by preksha455
My Female Versionby preksha455
This is a story about a guy who changes into a girl this is erotica filled with Drama, exploration and lots of sex
courage - a trans girl link fic by archivedalli
courage - a trans girl link ficby archivedalli
this is a sort of modern au legend of zelda fic - I hope you enjoy it!! (I SOMETIMES WRITE SHORT CHAPTERS IM SORRY) the cover was made for me by my friend @patrickjacobb...
Shifting Reflections - A Shapeshifting Journey by AuroraMaaya
Shifting Reflections - A Aurora
Follow Jake's extraordinary journey of self-discovery as he unlocks the power to shape-shift his body, delving into the realms of his wildest dreams and desires. From em...
Mathews accidents  by ClaraJaneDiapers
Mathews accidents by ClaraJaneDiapers
Mathew has an accident in class so his mam puts him into his sisters pullups
Unexpected love. (SCP-049 x Female reader) by Wulfston1
Unexpected love. (SCP-049 x Wulfston1
You are a D-Class. You were living your normal life when all the sudden once you went to sleep and woke up, you were in a completly diffrent place with no memory of how...
Once Upon A December ∆ Santana + Brittany by olismyname17
Once Upon A December ∆ Santana + oli
In which a genius is wrapped into an on again off again relationship with two head Cheerio's or In which Once...
Alex to Alexis? MTF Fantasy Story by ameliabnightingale
Alex to Alexis? MTF Fantasy Storyby Amelia Gale
The story of a man to bogged down in debt to say no to his boss. His life changes forever when he is forced to be a woman in order to boost sales.
Alterations - Exchanged Book 3 by babysofia1234
Alterations - Exchanged Book 3by Sofia
'Alterations' continues the story of Stacy's journey from 'Exchanged' and 'Little Hope.' Stacy is a young college student who chose to travel to a new dimension to study...
Click by SwapStories81
Clickby SwapStories81
15-year-old Simon Gates wakes up with the power to switch people's bodies with just a click of his finger. The best part, reality shifts with the switches.