D y s p h o r i a

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oof. it's a bitch.
Some ppl say genderfluid ppl don't experience dysphoria.
WRONG. I know we do. Helloooo rn i wanna tear out my soulllll. But. It's literally the worst thing ever bc it somehow works along side everything else that's wrong in my head and just makes me feel rlly down and depressed but hey lets not get into itttt.

For peoples AFAB, here's a few tips I've seen and picked up across the internet.

💜Binding. Something from wt ppl tell me helps so so much. If you're closeted then it can be hard to get a binder but a sports bra with a flatter fitting should do the trick atleast partly. Just remember to BE. SAFE.

💖Packing. Packing ur pants to feel like you've got a dick. Sounds weird if u rlly dont know anything about it but it works wonders for people and rlly can help.

💙Wearing boxers. Wearing "mens" boxers can help a shit tonne for some people. They know it's there but also no one really has to know. And if it happens to be your time of the month then wearing boxers over 'girl' underwear can be useful.

💚Wear clothes you feel good in! Simple but can work.

🖤Tell yourself affirmation of your gender and name.

Okay my fellow AMAB peeps I've done some research for tips bc rn i wanna die and i need to do something to feel less dysphoric. And u deserve  tips! so here we gooo!

💛Tuck. now i know for some it might be odd or they might not know how. But honestly it works and i think googling how is a good idea.

🌻Getting a bra with inserts or something like to try and tackle chest dysphoria.

(to be honest even tho it technically flattens i prefer a sports bra bc its just comfier and looks better. plus i can always stuff it anyway)

🌼If u can try and get some feminine clothing. Just, be safe.

🌸Hair. This kinda goes for both but change your hairstyle if possible so it's  more YOU.

🌹This one's more long term soo may affect your boy days but body hair. If u want 2 and can, get rid of it. I'd love 2 so much bc i HATE it. i literally always have. But i actually have so fucking much of it, it'd be so hard to keep it all off me so if anything i shave my arm pits and that's it. Its hidden, but i know I've done it and tbh its kinda freeing and fresh.

🌺OOH another one for both. Smells.
Wear perfumes or deodorants that are feminine (or masc) smelling. I have 2 'womens' deodorants and a britney spears perfume when i wanna smell super feminine. This helps me alot personally.

🌱Be out online. If you have a space online where u can discuss your identity then its bottled up alot less and give u a sense of freedom.

That's all i got for this chapter now. Of anyone else has any tips pleaseee comment them and I'll add them in a new chapter 🌹💓🌹

Bye peeps x

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