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Sooo on channel 4 in the UK there's been a show on called Genderquake. Granted I have NOT watched it. But I was looking at the # on twitter just and I'm now in tears......

The amount of transphobia on that tag is sick and twisted. The ppl that were mostly attacked were non binary and gender fluid people!! WHICH IS ME so I feel rlly invalid and horrible now but that's not the point.
Ppl r so sick and twisted!! Like and they refuse to understand the difference between gender and biological sex!!! Like I get it if ur just confused and then r educated but it's when they r so stubborn they won't let anyone educate them bc they r right and everyone else is wrong !! Ughhh!!!

Transphobia sucks!! Homophobia sucks!!! These ppl suck!!! Idk what happened on this show but I have a feeling, somewhere it got something wrong. :-/

But still, the world is Nasty sometimes and ppl r assholes!!!

You ARE valid. You ARE important. What you are and who you are is perfectly okay and accepted! Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise!! Be who you are and who you wanna be! You're not just some attention seeking asshole. Why would u make your life a living hell?? Why would anyone choose that?? EXACTLY. THEY WOULDNT!! Ppl often call us "special snowflakes" and well we are. I don't mean attention seeking I just mean everyone is special and snowflakes r all unique! And each and everyone of us is unique so in a way everyone is a special snowflake! Just not in the mean they phobic ppl mean it :-/

Anyway rant over. I hate transphobic and homophobic people!

byeee x

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