idk wt to call this

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Pronouns- she/her
I've been a girl the past couple of days.  And I've been thinking about clothing.

i want to wear a band t shirt, black hoodie, wristbands and jeans. That's a neutral look tho (but i just look masc anywayyy). i cant make that look feminine enough and it bugs me. bc like i just. i just cant do it even tho its what i want to wear !!! like yh i know i should just wear wt im comfy in no matter gender but also i want to be even slightly passing but nooooo ugh. bc im amab i look masc even in ma neutral clothes. and i feel like i only look feminine in my hat & tights look or when i try on my mums dresses (shh she doesn't know)
but thats hell bc i dont have boobs ofc so like then i just have a dress that fits ok  but then doesn't look right bc its just like hanging at the top bc there's nothing to fill it and its shaped to a "womans" body. ugh. i mean i can stuff a bra or wt ever but im not putting my mums bra on. thats weird lmao.
but yh ew i just feel uncomfortable with myself.

Yesterday i bought an awesome panic! t shirt!! but it wasn't the one i wanted... the one i wanted was the womens one... it had a better design on the front.... i regret not buying it now.

anyway yh ramble over.

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