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Now its very hard to pass as the gender that's opposite to what you were assigned at birth. It's easier for some people than it is others but I'd still say it's pretty hard.

im AMAB so if i tried to pass as a girl it'd be hard. I have short hair. i have a very masculine build (i think so anyway) and im rlly tall and yh.
online friends all say i get away with it but i know FOR A FACT that if i went outside in fem clothes i wouldn't pass at all and ppl would just call me he. and I'd probably get laughed at bc ppl r assholes.

Being amab i also think it's rlly hard when i feel nb or like i have no gender. bc i just look like a boy? i just look masculine?
and yes i could wear different things but i wear what to me feels neutral.
and i want someone to say "wt gender r u bc i can't tell?" bc then i have achieved neutralness but nooo i just look masculine and just like a boy so i just get called a boy ALL DAY and ugh nope.

i feel like i can't pull off neutral at all. Girl maybe but neutral i just can't do.
and it bugs me so much.

it is what it is tho i guess.

im a girl today...ew so i gotta go out wearing boys clothes feeling like a girl and blahhh. i no like that. imma be uncomfortable all day. unless ma gender changes lol.

but yh that was quick. byee

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