Can You Keep A Secret? || Trans Peter Parker by TwinButterfly02
Can You Keep A Secret? || Trans ❛ P Σ Ƭ Σ Я ❜
❛❛ A secret can tear a relationship down in the matter of seconds, that is if one finds out that so called secret. ❜❜ ●▬▬▬▬๑۩۩๑▬▬▬▬▬● Now staying with the Avengers...
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I am Ethan. by localtrashcanTM
I am Local TrashCan™
Ok so I've wanted to do a trans story and since there aren't a lot of crankiplier stories I'm using crankiplier.
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Trans Peter Parker (bxb) by rainbowchild17
Trans Peter Parker (bxb)by Rainbowsheep77
Peters a little trans boy. Spideypool Stony
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  • transpeter
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Sherlock x FtM/Male reader oneshots by SuperWhoLock_AKF
Sherlock x FtM/Male reader oneshotsby SuperWhoLock_AKF
Title explains everything. Hope you enjoy! [Highest rank #11 in ftm]
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This isn't me (a destiel fanfic) by thisisafelony
This isn't me (a destiel fanfic)by Chris
Castiel is transgender (female to male) Also I don't own all of the characters
  • abuse
  • destiel
  • scarlet
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Trans Male Reader x Random by Killjoy413
Trans Male Reader x Randomby Alexander Applebaum
I've done Trans Male Reader (Ftm) oneshots in my other books but someone suggested that I make a whole book about trans reader and I thought it was a good idea. These on...
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WEB OF LIES [TRANS PETER PARKER]by jamieson ★ he/him
In which few know that Peter Parker is Spider-Man, and even fewer know that he is transgender. --------------------------------------------------------------------- *Sor...
  • spider-man
  • tom
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Love Like You (Klance) by Burt11157
Love Like You (Klance)by Burt
AU where Keith is trans... what else am I supposed to say? You just see the love story unfold between the Red and Blue Paladin. Hope you like it! Other ships that will b...
  • klance
  • hunk
  • mattxshiro
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Katsuki's Twin Brother by semereaderstuff
Katsuki's Twin Brotherby Rᴇᴍɪ
Trans!Seme!Reader(ftm) x BnHA Male!Various Bakugou Katsuki has a twin brother that he's very protective of, despite (Y/n) being slightly older than him and having a simi...
  • shouto
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I Constantly Thank God For Solangelo by lexter2003
I Constantly Thank God For Gay weefee
A book of Solangelo one Shots. Request would be great. There are a few spicy chapters, but nothing to descriptive. <3 --February 20th, 2017--
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LGBTQ+ Tumblr Textposts by twentyonedrarry
LGBTQ+ Tumblr Textpostsby ;inactive ⚯͛
Collection of lgbtq+ tumblr posts (Note: I do not own any of these posts, credit to original owner)
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GAME OVER: a Be More Chill fic by emospaceman
GAME OVER: a Be More Chill ficby moikey
Things have been going downhill for Jeremy ever since he got rid of the Squip. So after uncovering some long-buried feelings for his Player 1, Jeremy does something he k...
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spiderboy | trans peter parker by yikesashh
spiderboy | trans peter parkerby 🤙🏽
'i'm never going to be a real man mr. stark,' 'peter benjamin parker, you already are a real man, and of you ever say that again, i'll take away your spidey suit,' +++++...
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Real Boy [A Spider-Man Fanfic] by notyourmatey
Real Boy [A Spider-Man Fanfic]by nancy
"I'm spider-MAN," he said, defiantly. "And I'm not a girl." [a Trans!Peter FanFic] |undergoing major editing|
  • spiderman
  • backstabbing
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Complexes (LGBT) (boyxboy) by SarahsSanctuary
Complexes (LGBT) (boyxboy)by SarahsSanctuary
(This is a repost and edit of my story of the same name) Being a real man has nothing to do with what's underneath your clothing. Connor is about to learn that first han...
  • gay
  • transgender
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LGBTQ+ Posts (COMPLETE)by Gay 2.0
LGBTQ tumblr posts (。・ω・。) Highest Rank In Humor: 86
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؛ vtrans. min yoongi | doll.master by yooniisan
؛ vtrans. min yoongi | doll.masterby 影
[Editing] DOLL MASTER [R18] / ©-ninetwostudios trans by yooniisan warning: 18+ ⚠ bản dịch đã có sự đồng ý của tác giả. vui lòng không mang bản dịch đi bất cứ...
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The Idol Life is DANGER (BTS x Trans-FTM OC) by D4FandomOfficial
The Idol Life is DANGER (BTS x Dai ( 다이스케 )
I. Am. A. Boy. When being created in the womb of my mother, the anatomy of my DNA didn't know how to create itself. I was born with female genitalia on a whim. I am a...
  • trans
  • junghoseok
  • parkjimin
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Glitter (LGBT) by SarahsSanctuary
Glitter (LGBT)by SarahsSanctuary
(This is an edit and repost of my story of the same name) Bailey and Jake are best friends. They always have been. When Bailey comes out as a transgender girl, Jake sta...
  • lgbt
  • romance
  • love
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Forced To Be a Girl by JazzJennings
Forced To Be a Girlby Jazz Jennings
David was not too happy about having to stay at his Aunt Emily's house for the entire Summer Vacation. But after three days of boredom, things got a little weird. David...
  • girlyboy
  • trans
  • mtf
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