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Soooo this is a chapter on pronouns. yes those magical things that everyone gets wrong all the time.

I usually just use they/them for convenience but sometimes i like using the more specific pronouns that work wiv my gender at the time. .

He/him. I rarely use bc i rarely feel like a boy but i can use these when i want 2. But sometimes I use they/them anyway just bc i feel its easier.

She/her. i use quite a bit. Bc im a girl a lot of the time. i mean rn im not, im a neutral leaning towards a boy but yh. anyway yh.

Ofc u can use a combination of pronouns u like. like she/they or he/they etc. which in a way i use bc i let ppl use they/them all the time.

pronouns r a personal thing and u should use what's comfortable.

if ur not sure maybe get some close friends (irl or online) to use a set of pronouns and see wt ur comfortable with?

idk wt else to say haha.

but yh idk if this was useful!

bye for now!

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