How I Cope With My Dysphoria (and a ramble about bad mental health stuff)

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Hi gays so imma write how I Cope with my dysphoria. Me personally. My own things I do. :) idk y I wanna write this bc I've done similar chapters b4 but it's something quick and potentially useful???

(Alsoo If any Trans girls read this book at all pls dm me, I wanna be friends pwease!)


Often I try to distract myself from it. Tbh this is usually is the best way for me to cope to be honest. I'll distract myself by listening to music, watching TV/YouTube, wattpad books etc. These tend to work best but sometimes it's so overwhelming these things do nothing...

Guess this could be seen as obvious? But if I can, I alter how I look. I'll dress femininley or in something that shows curves? Like those tight sports leggings that make my ass look good XD
It makes me feel more girly?
Also my sports bra really really helps alot! Im going to order a new one soon ! That'll fit me alot better so I can wear it all day maybe?

Sometimes just telling myself things like
'I am a girl'
'I am feminine'
'I am beautiful'
That sorta stuff. It rarely helps but it can settle me enough not to get super stressed?

Billie's Lil' Book Of Positivity-
If you know about this book you'll know it's a little book I have where ppl have said nice/positive things about me and it makes me feel better when I read it <3

Other People-
Sometimes just talking to someone else can help. You can talk to someone about the dysphoria or something else. Sometimes talking to someone who knows ur trans, irl or online, and getting them to just call u by your correct name and pronouns. Just ask them to say your name to you if that's ok and you're ok asking them. It helps quite alot sometimes <3

Letting It Out-
Sometimes just tryna let it out works best! And what I mean rn is by ranting or shouting. Maybe saying all those negative things, in order to let them out and forget them/move on.

You can let it out other ways too! Potentially through writing  (e.g. poetry) or even drawing, which I do alot personally. That could be in a book or even on myself.

Bad Ways I Cope/The Ramble-
Ok so I'm gonna be really honest and say sometimes I don't choose the best ways to cope.... and that's not just dysphoria that's general mental health crap ?
I really don't want ANY of you to do these

🚫Self Harm and Eating/Vomiting Trigger Warning🚫

So one of my really big issues this year has been self harm.
I've got a fairly bad problem with it...
I'm not ashamed of it as such and around certain ppl I don't cover them, but I don't want certain people (family, tutors etc) to find out....
It's recently got better? The time between relapses seems to be getting longer and that's improvement from every other day cutting myself.
So hey I'm doing better ! I seem to cut when the dysphoria is so overwhelming I don't know what else to do.... or I'm just feeling hella depresso :/ which I genuinely keep quiet about when it's that bad and not dysphoria?
But Yh. That's one of the bad ways I Cope and rlly rlly don't want any of u to do that, and if u do or feel like it u can always message me ok? I'll always try my best to help <3

This one isn't just bc dysphoria but I think it plays a part so I'm gonna mention it....
I'm generally very insecure about size, weight etc. But that isn't helped by dysphoria making me wish I was smaller in height etc. I've got this idea in my head that if I was thinner I could look more like a girl.... May be true. Might not be. But it's there and alot of the time I believe it.
So sometimes (rarely) I starve myself for a day or so... this isn't REALLY coping but I feel better after sometimes... even if also guilty :/
But Yh i starve myself sometimes. I haven't done it for a while but um I guess it's still a thing.
Then stems another issue.... self induced vomiting. I wouldn't say I have an eating disorder. This is new and not regular. But maybe some bad habits i need to keep away from. I haven't done this for a while but I've done it about 4 times now.... when I'm not feeling bad and don't have the urge to do it i think about it and look at myself thinking why would I be stupid enough to do that? Like am I literally insane? But then an hour later I could be shoving my fingers down my throat with my head over the toilet? It's a really weird one I need to keep away from and not let develop into something nasty ! But after I can feel better about myself... But eventually I feel bloated, guilty, and just sick.
But yh alot of that is bc insecurity which I feel slightly stems from dysphoria and this idea that if I was skinnier i could look more "like a girl"

Which is probably bullshit
But I managed to convince myself once that my parents could read my mind
So I can clearly believe anything I tell myself ! (I'm not kidding. And I wasn't even small I was about 13 or 14)

I also overeat. Not to the extent I'm sick but I'll eat more than I know I should... i eat my problems away I think. And that can make me guilty which can make me wanna make myself vomit....

Um was that too graphic? Maybe. I don't wanna hide and say I haven't got problems tho so I'm making myself be honest and share bc bottling it up isn't good for me at all.

Sorry if this got too rambley and off topic....

Ily guys and I hope the first part actually was useful and helpful  <3

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