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Ok so I just watched a TV show called
Its about an 11 year old (altho she seems older when u watch I'd say, but the story is she's 11) transgender girl.

This is on mainstream UK TV in a Sunday night prime time.slot for drama. This is amazing.

The show made emotional. It's a mini series. There's 1 episode so far, will be 3 in total.

The story is hard to watch. Personally. The way her brain works and the things she does reminds me of me and that hits home rlly hard.

In the episode she self harms.... "to calm down"
That. Is unfortunately relatable and really made me stop for a second and just. I felt rlly uncomfortable bc of the graphic ness of the visuals but generally just made me think alot. Bc...I do that.

The series I'm gonna give a huge trigger warning for self harm, transphobia, bullying, and small amounts of violence towards a child by a parent.

So be careful.

That's just episode one so far.

I'm happy bc I was talking to Lydia about another show and mentioned I was watching butterfly and now we've had a nice conversation about my transgender-ness and that's rlly comforting bc she's an irl. And I can talk to her about that. Like. Wtf. Unreal and so nice.

On a personal level the best part about the series is that I get to see a transgender girl going through a similar thought process and struggle to me and that's comforting despite hard to watch.

At a general level it brings transgender issues to a mainstream light on a big UK channel in a primetime slot.

That's all for now I guess but of u can and want 2 pls watch.

Just be careful for the triggers ♡

- Billie X

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