Trip to Another World

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It was mid July and Peter Parker was getting really bored of hanging out in the compound  by himself all day.

The avengers had been on a mission for the past three weeks and Peter wasn't allowed to come along. So he sat, at the compound all by himself waiting for them to return.

He was watching TV, when he saw a big rainbow flash come from outside and two figures stood on the grass. He jumped up and ran to the window.

There before him stood Thor and Loki, having finally returned from Asgard. Peter's jaw fell open. He didn't know his uncles would be back today! He ran outside and hugged them.

"Uncle Thor! Uncle Loki! You're back!" Peter cheered. Thor chuckled and Loki ruffled his hair.

"Indeed hoy of spiders, we have returned!" Thor shouted.
"Where are the others?" Loki asked. Peter sighed.
"They've been on a mission for the past three weeks and I have no idea when they're coming back. I've been so bored!"

Thor smiled widely.
"Why don't we bring young Peter to Asgard brother!"
Peter jumped up and down.
"Please Uncle Loki please!" He begged.
Loki rolled his eyes.
"I guess it wouldn't be any harm to bring you over for the day."

Peter cheered and held on tightly to Thor as the Bifrost came down and transported them over to Asgard.

Peter walked out of a large golden gate, and a man with very unique eyes smiled at him.
"Hello Peter, I've seen so much about you." Heimdal said. Peter looked confused.

"Heimdal is my best friend, he also sees everything that happens in the nine realms." Thor said proudly. Heimdal nodded and smiled.

"That is so cool!" Peter gushed. Loki chuckled.
"Come on Peter, lets go to the kingdom shall we?"
Peter nodded happily and the three heroes walked over the rainbow bridge and over to the village.

When they walked through the large doors to the castle, Peter was in awe. Everything was golden and he was completely amazed.

"Wow..." Peter whispered. Thor and Loki chuckled a bit.
"It is amazing, isn't it." Loki said. Peter nodded.

"Come now young Peter, i would like you to meet my fellow warriors." Thor said. Peter followed him to a large room where the warriors three sat on a sofa chatting. They stopped when Thor, Loki and Peter walked into the room.

"Thor! Loki!" Fandral smiled. Thor nodded to them and pointed at Peter.
"Friends, this is our nephew, Peter, also known as Spiderman." Thor said. "Peter, these are my friends, Fandral, Hogun, Volstagg and Lady Sif."

Hogun stood up and walked over to Peter. He scooped him up and hugged him tightly. He laughed heartily and Peter chuckled.

"So you're the famous man of spiders I've hear so much about!" He boomed. Peter nodded and finally understood why Thor always talked so loudly.

"If it's not a bother, could you show us our abilities?" Volstagg asked.
"Now, Volstagg, the boy isn't here for show." Thor began. Peter stopped him.
"Don't worry Uncle Thor, id be honoured to show Asgard's legendary warriors my powers!"

Thor nodded and Peter began.
"How did you get your powers Peter?" Lady Sif asked.
"Well I was bitten by a radioactive spider." Peter said. The warriors made sounds of amazement.

"So basically now I can shoot webs, I have super strength, a sixth sense I call my Spidey sense, advanced healing, super agility, enhanced senses and I can stick to walls and ceilings." Peter summed up.

"Could you show us?" Fandral asked. Peter nodded. He used his web shooters and webbed and apple that sat on the table over to him. Everyone gushed at how cool that was.

Then Peter walked over to a wall and walked up until he was standing on the ceiling. Everyone gushed again and he hopped off. Then he did a few back flips to show off his agility.

"Uncle Loki, can you throw one of your daggers at me?" Peter asked. Everyone gasped.
"Sure thing Peter." Loki smirked. The warriors were worried when Peter faced them.

"Don't worry, using my Spidey sense I will be able to sense when the dagger is coming." Peter explained. As if on cue he got the dagger when it was just inches away from his face.

"Wow, that is impressive." Fandral said. Peter nodded and Hogun stood up.
"I challenge man of spiders to an arm wrestle!" He announced. Peter shrugged and got prepared.

Hogun held out his arm and Peter did the same. Thor counted down, before letting them wrestle.
"3... 2... 1... begin!"

Peter easily threw Hogun's arm to the side and everyone stood shocked. Peter blushed.
"You are truly a warrior young Peter." Lady Sif smiled.

"That's not even the best part. Peter, do your trick." Thor said. Peter chuckled and walked over to Mjolnir. He easily lifted it up and Volstagg fell out of his seat, while the others gasped.

"He is worthy!?" They all exclaimed. Thor nodded proudly.
"Of course! However young Peter agreed not to take over Asgard."

The warriors nodded and came over to Peter.
"I vote we make Peter an honorary member of the warriors three." Fandral said. Everyone agreed happily and Peter blushed.

"Wow thanks everybody!" He smiled. Everyone cheered and they had a feast in his honour.

After spending the rest of the day with the Asgardians, it was time for Peter to return to earth. He said his goodbyes and promised he would return one day.

They took the Bifrost home and when they arrived they saw that the rest of the avengers had just gotten back too.

Peter ran inside to see Tony.
"Tony! Tony!" Peter shouted. Tony looked at the happy teen.
"Hey Pete, what is it?" He asked. Peter could barely contain his excitement.

"Uncle Thor and Uncle Loki took me to Asgard and I got made a member of the warriors three!" Peter said happily. Tony looked at Thor.


Yay! I hope you all enjoyed this one! I attended a protest today and wow can I just say how inspired I was. We chanted, we heard speeches, and we waved our signs around. Basically we were protesting the curriculum changes doug Ford was making. Of course there were many people who did not agree with what we did but that's okay because everyone has a right to their opinion! It was peaceful for the most part and it was very fun and inspiring. Thanks for reading!

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