Level 10

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Peter Stark has lived with the avengers all his life. He called them all Aunt and Uncle. His newest uncle, was Loki. Loki has just been proven innocent by Thor on Asgard, and he is really trying to turn over a new leaf. But that can be hard with a bunch of immature superheroes around.

"Hey horns, that's my mug!" Tony whined as Loki was trying to enjoy a cup of coffee, one early morning. Loki rolled his eyes.
"Level 2." Loki called out to the bored teenager sitting on the couch.

Ever since Loki joined the avengers, he connected with Peter and found him to be the only sane one of the group. Therefore, whenever Loki would get upset with an avenger, he would call out a level (1 being low, 10 being high) of how angry he was. Peter would then take action to diffuse the situation. Luckily, they hadn't had a level 10, yet...

Peter got up and made his way over to the kitchen where Tony was harassing Loki about his mug. He opened up a hidden cubby and pulled out a mug identical to the one Loki had.

"Here dad." Peter said and rolled his eyes. Level 2's were so easy. Tony nodded and left the room to go to his lab.

"Thank you Peter." Loki smiled. Yes the god of mischief gave out a legitimate smile of happiness. He wouldn't admit it, but he had a soft spot for the kid.

"Sure thing Uncle Loki. I'm gonna go to my room for a bit and do some homework okay?" Peter said. Loki nodded and Peter ran up the stairs to his room.


Everything was going great, Peter was in his room doing homework, Tony was in the lab, Clint and Natasha were training with Steve and Bucky, Thor was out shopping and Loki was watching TV.

But then training ended, Tony came upstairs and Thor returned home, all at the same time. They grouped into the living room and teased Loki about the show he was watching.

"Are you seriously watching The Real Housewives right now horns!?" Tony asked. Loki blushes and looked horrified.
"Hahaha, frosty likes drama shows!" Clint teased. Loki blushed even more.
"Don't let them get to you brother, I've always known of your, girly side." Thor smirked and patted Loki on the back. Loki had had enough.

"PETER! LEVEL TEN!" Loki screamed. A few avengers looked confused, but then panicked as they saw green magic start to flow around Loki. He tried to control his anger, but he needed the boy to get here. Quickly.

Peter was almost done his homework when he heard Loki scream downstairs. The words made him jump out of bed, throw on his web shooters and run down to the commotion.

When he got there, his eyes widened as he saw a confused bunch of avengers and a very angry Loki trying to stop his anger magic. Peter jumped into action as quickly as he could.

He webbed Clint, Tony and Thor to the walls furthest away from Loki, since he figured they were the cause of the problem. He shot a web to cover everyone's mouth, and shooed them away. Then he stood in front of Loki and held his glowing hands.

"Uncle Loki, it's okay." Peter said calmly. Loki nodded but the magic was only getting brighter. Tony had somehow managed to get the webs off his mouth since he shouted at Peter.

"Peter get away from him! His magic is gonna hurt you!"
Peter's eyes widened as he looked at his dad, then to Loki who was now full magic mode.
"I would never hurt the child!" Loki yelled. Peter grabbed his arms and made him look at him.

"Uncle Loki! It's okay, you're not gonna hurt me. Just calm down, breathe and everything will be alright." Peter smiled and spoke soothingly.

Loki took a deep breath, and the green tint to his hands began to fade away and turn to normal. Peter hugged him and whispered.
"Why don't you go lay down for a bit? I'll deal with the dummies."
Loki nodded and whispered back.
"Thank you."

When Peter was sure Loki was out of hearing range, he shot web dissolver at all the avengers and lectured them.

"You can't just make mean comments like that to him! He's sensitive!" Peter said sternly. The avengers looked down in shame, partially at the fact that a 15 year old was lecturing them, and partially at the fact that what he was saying is true.

"Sorry man of spiders..." Thor said sadly. Peter shook his head.
"Don't apologize to me. Apologize to Uncle Loki." Peter said and pointed up to where the frost giant had walked off to. A few avengers groaned but Peter gave them a stern look to shut them up.


After they had rehearsed, the avengers trudged up to Loki's room. Tony knocked on the door.
"Come in." Loki replied. They all walked in.
"Sorry for calling you horns."
"Sorry for calling you frosty."
"Sorry for calling you girly."
"Sorry for not stopping them from calling you horns and frosty and girly."

Tony made the move to leave, but Peter cleared his throat. Tony rolled his eyes.
"Sorryforsayingthatyouweregonnahurtpeter." He mumbled. Peter glared at him. Tony sighed again.
"Sorry for saying that you were gonna hurt Peter..." Tony said. Loki smiled at all of them.

"Apologies accepted, Iron Can, Katniss, Pointbreak, Capsicle, Natalie and Seabass!" Loki snickered.


Yes I know what you must be thinking. She's not supposed to update? I thought she was on vacation? Yea I am... but like I'm really bored and I missed updating so I decided to write this short boi for ya. Thanks for reading!

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