YeEt iT, jUsT yEeT iT

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Today was a very important day. Not only for Tony, but the entire reputation of the avengers also. Today, the king of Wakanda and the princess will be making a visit to avengers compound. Everyone was prepared for their arrival.

Peter was currently sprawled out on the couch with his phone, watching some good ol' vines from back in the day. Tony walked over and tapped Peter.

"Peter put that phone away, the king and princess will be here soon." Tony said. Peter groaned in response and put his phone away.

Peter had the task of entertaining the princess since they were about the same age. Peter was dreading this.

"Dad, do I have to?" Peter whined. Tony rolled his eyes.
"Yes Peter, you have to." He mocked. Peter grumbled and crossed his arms.

"I don't wanna hang out with some snobby princess!" Peter protested. Bucky heard this and walked over.
"Trust me Pete, you'll love her." Bucky said. Peter just shrugged and stood by the elevator.

"Sir, the king and princess are in the elevator." Friday announced. Tony nodded and him, Bucky, Steve, Peter and Thor all lined up in front of it.

When the elevator opened T'Challa and Shuri walked out of it.
"Welcome, king T'Challa." Steve said. T'Challa nodded and put up a hand.
"Please, just T'Challa will do." He said. He gave a little nudge to Shuri.

"I'm Shuri, and I love me some free-sha-vaca-do!" She shouted. Peter's face broke out into a huge smile.
"It's an avacado... thanks."

They looked at one another and burst out into laughter. The others looked confused while Tony and  T'Challa sighed.

"Peter and Shuri will be fine together I guess." Tony said. T'Challa nodded.
"Let's get on with our meeting shall we?" Steve said. They nodded and walked off to a conference room, leaving the two teens alone.

"So, princess, would you like something to drink?" Peter asked. Shuri nodded.
"Indeed I would spiderpeasant." She said in an awful British accent. The two laughed and Peter got them both a bottle of water.

They talked for a bit, but then when Peter finished his water he threw it across the room.
"This b empty." He said. Shuri smirked and said, "YeEt!"

All of a sudden Thor walked into the room.
"Son of Stark! Are you alright I heard a yelling noise emerge from this room." He asked. Peter nodded.

"We were just saying YeEt Thor, it's all right." Peter said. Thor looked confused.
"Is that some sort of battle cry?" He asked. Shuri and Peter looked at one another and smirked.

"Yes it is Thor! In fact, I believe if you say it every time you throw Mjolnir, it will startle your enemies and you will defeat them easier." Peter explained. Shuri nodded.
"Yes, it gives you extra strength the louder you say it." She said.

Thor nodded.
"Very well then, I shall make that my new battle cry, YeEt!" He shouted. When he left the room, Shuri and Peter doubled over in laughter.

"Wanna see my Spiderman costume?" Peter asked. Shuri nodded enthusiastically and the two ran off to Peter's lab.


A few hours had passed and Peter and Shuri spent the whole time making vine references while checking out Peter's suit. Shuri even made some cool new adjustments.

"Does it feel good?" She asked. Peter nodded.
"Ah." He responded.
The two laughed some more and continued hanging out until an alarm started blaring.

Soon enough the avengers were at Peter's lab door and Peter threw on his mask. Shuri grabbed Peter's arm and looked at him seriously.

"Peter whatever you do... just don't become Jared who's nineteen and never learned how to read."

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