Happy Birthday?

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156 days.

156 days.

That's how long Peter had been trapped inside the soul stone.

It wasn't too bad there. When you remove the fact that there's nothing but themselves, it's an eternal empty space, and it reminded Peter of that gosh darn orange chair from the hotel room in Germany... it wasn't awful.

Just kidding. It was.

Peter hated the soul stone. All he wanted to do was go home and see Aunt May, Ned, MJ... and of course Mr. Stark.

Peter felt awful about the way he left things. He couldn't imagine how badly he must have made Mr. Stark feel. He needed to find a way home to fix things. Tell Tony that it's okay. That he's okay.

But as of right now... that'll never happen.

The soul stone was divided up into a bunch of different sections. In Peter's section, it just happened to be him, Strange, Wanda, T'challa, Bucky and Sam.

Before we get too into this, why don't we go back to the beginning. Day 1 in the soul stone...


Bucky opened his eyes and saw that he was in some weird orange room. It was huge, and there was nothing in it but him. He looked down at his hands and they were solid. Something very different from 2 minutes ago.

He stood up and began to walk around, when he saw someone else form on the ground where he was. It was Sam.

"Sam!" Bucky called out. Sam opened his eyes and stood up.
"Bucky? Where are we?" He groaned. Bucky shook his head.
"I don't know... but there's nothing here."

They turned around when they saw someone else begin to appear. Tchalla jumped up and looked around frantically, but Bucky calmed him down.

"Tchalla! Calm down! It's okay, you're not alone." Bucky said. Tchalla looked at him and his mask dissolved.
"Do you know where we are?" He asked. Bucky and Sam shook their heads.

Then they saw someone else appear. Wanda.
"Wanda!" Sam shouted. He ran over to her.
"Sam?" She asked confused. Sam nodded.
"Yea, it's me. We're all here too." He said and she looked around.

"Did anyone else from the Wakanda fight dissolve?" She asked. Bucky shrugged.
"I don't think so. It's not like Thanos was there for long so hopefully the others are okay."

Wanda nodded. Suddenly, they saw someone else begin to appear in front of them. It was Strange.

He stood up and brushed himself off. Then he looked at the heroes around him, who got in a defensive stance.

"Who are you." Tchalla demanded. Stephen looked at the heroes and responded.
"I am Doctor Stephen Strange, master of the mystic arts."

"Were you fighting Thanos?" Wanda asked. Strange nodded.
"Yes. I fought him on Titan, his home planet, along with Tony Stark, some aliens I think, and a kid."

They disregarded the mention of aliens and a kid, when they heard Tony's name. Even though they fought each other, they still cared for one another.

"Wait you said Stark was there?" Sam asked and Strange nodded.
"I'm assuming this is all of us?" He asked. Bucky nodded.
"Yup. I don't think anyone else turned to dust."

Suddenly Wanda fell over in pain.
"Wanda!" Tchalla shouted. They rushed to her side and she looked up.

"Someone else is coming. Someone with a past... far worse than one I've ever sensed before. They are in immense emotional trauma... and-and physical too?"

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