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It was just your average, boring Monday. Students were sighing as they made their way to their morning classes with dread.

Peter Parker-Stark was also one of those dread filled students. Just because he did really well in school, doesn't mean he enjoyed it. Sure he got to spend time with people other than his family, but all the work that was forced upon him was enough to make him seriously consider letting himself get shot or stabbed while on patrol.

Oh yea, Peter was that nerdy kid who got straight A's by day, but at night he was the masked hero Spiderman. He lived in avengers tower with his crazy family.

Ever since Tony Stark had adopted him when he was five, he lived with the avengers whom all made him call them Aunt this and Uncle that. He really enjoyed it though. It was nice to be able to have someone to talk to about his daily patrols who could actually relate to him.

His family knew he was Spiderman of course. You can't keep a secret from the avengers. It just doesn't work like that. That tower was full of people, yet there was still so much empty space.

There was his Uncle Steve, who always enjoyed telling Peter stories about his days in the war.
His Uncle Bucky, who would save him whenever Steve got into one of his hour long stories.

His Aunt Natasha, who would spar with him and taught him how to shoot a gun. She also gave him Russian lessons so he was now fluent in the language.

His Uncle Clint, who would always pull pranks on the others with Peter. There best prank was hiding all of the pop tarts from his Uncle Thor.

He had his Uncle Rhodey who was his dad's best friend but wasn't around too much. His Uncle Sam wasn't around much either.

His Uncle Bruce, who would always do fun lab experiments with him. His Uncle Thor, who loved playing catch the hammer with Peter ever since they figured out Peter could lift Mjolnir.

He also had his cousin Wanda who enjoyed launching Peter's web balls at others with her magic. He also had his cousin Pietro, but he died when Peter was fairly young.

Then of course, there was his dad. Tony Stark. Even though some thought of Tony as a heartless business man who only cares about himself, he really did have a soft spot for Peter.

Peter sat in his classes one by one as the day dragged on. All he could think about was patrol tonight since he was so excited to swing around the city again.

When the bell finally signalled to end the day he ran out to the parking lot to meet his Aunt Natasha since it was her turn to pick him up.

"Hey Pete, how was school?" Nat asked.
"Hey Aunt Tasha, it was good, boring, but good." Peter replied.

Natasha rubbed his hair with affection and took off back to the tower. It was a short ten minute drive before they arrived.

When they did, Peter raced inside and into his room to change. He threw his bag down and slipped on his suit that he and his dad had made together.

It was blue and red, and made of flexible spandex. He slipped on his mask and was greeted by his AI, Karen.

"Hello Peter. Ready for patrol?" Karen asked.
"Yep just gotta go tell dad that I'm headed out." Peter said and took off down the hall.

"Hey dad!" Peter called out to the packed living room. Everyone turned and looked at him. They all said hello and Tony walked over to his fully suited up son.

"Going on patrol Pete?" Tony asked.
"Yep! I'll be back before diner Kay?" Peter said.
"Alright. If anything happens you know what to do." Tony reminded.
"You got it! Bye everyone!" Peter said as he opened up a window.

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