Coming home...

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Hi everyone... I'm so so sorry to say this but this is the last chapter for this book. I'll explain more at the end but I hope you enjoy this :)

182 days.

That's bow long Peter had been stuck in the same, boring, empty orange space in the soul stone. Sure, he had lots of people here with him, but he missed his family.

He missed Ned.
He missed MJ.
He missed Aunt May.
He missed Friday.
He missed Karen. (She can't work in the stone)
And most of all...

He really missed Mr. Stark.

Ever since he got here he's been beating himself up over how he died. He couldn't believe those were his last words.

I don't feel so good?

I don't wanna go?

I'm sorry?

Gosh if somehow his death was recorded and people watched it, he couldn't imagine how depressed that would make them all.

Basically, in the words of Mr. Stark, he screwed the pooch hard. So he needs to get home a fix it.

But that's the problem. The only way home was if the ones on the outside could destroy the stone. Who knew how long that would take...


Peter sat, with the five heroes that dusted too. No one was sure how this topic came up, but it did. And Peter didn't like it.

"Well, we've all got people on the outside. Who do you guys miss the most?" Sam asked. Everyone looked at him and he shrugged.
"Maybe if you talk about it you'll feel better."

Wanda agreed and went first.
"I miss the whole team.... but it's times like these where I wish Vis was here. I miss him so much... " she said and a few silent tears rolled down her cheeks. Strange rubbed her back soothingly and then he went.

"Well, I don't have a lot on earth, but I miss my buddy Wong. I can't imagine how hard this must be for him..." Strange said sadly. Then it was Bucky's turn

"Steve. Steve's been my best friend since we were kids 101 years ago. And now that he's all alone again, probably treating Thanos like he did all those bullies in the alleys... I just want to see him again."  Bucky said. No one said anything if they saw a tear fall though.

Tchalla went next.
"I failed all of Wakanda, but I really miss my younger sister Shuri. You know Peter, she would really like you." Tchalla smiled sadly.

Then Sam spoke.
"Me and Rhodes, we uh, we got this good connection and I just miss him. We were fighting together and then I just disappeared so I feel kinda bad about that."

Everyone looked over at Peter.
"Well kid, what about you? You must miss your mom and your dad a lot. I'm sure they're worried sick about you." Sam said.

Peter hung his head and whispered quietly, but everyone heard.
"Actually, I uh, I don't have any."

Everyone understood but Sam.
"Any what?" He asked.

Peter looked up with tears in his eyes.
"I don't have any parents. They- uh- they died when I was little, then I moved in with my Uncle and my Aunt, but a few years later my Uncle Ben died in my arms... my Aunt doesn't know about Spiderman. It would scare her to much and then when she freaks out, I freak out... she probably just thinks I stayed at school late. I don't know..."

Everyone had pity on their faces and Peter looked away. He hated the pity look. Suddenly Wanda spoke up.

"Oh Peter, I'm sure there's someone out there you must want to see again?" She said sadly. Peter nodded.

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