Moving Day

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Peter Parker flopped down onto his bed after a long day of school. He had gotten so many homework assignments that he didn't know if he'd ever finish them all.

He got up and walked over to his desk. Might as well get started. He took out his first assignment, a math booklet, and started writing. It had been around an hour when May came into his room excited.

"Peter I have amazing news!" She exclaimed. Peter turned around.
"What is it Aunt May?"
May smiled widely at Peter and threw her arms in the air.

"We're moving to Miami!"

Peter's mouth went dry and his eyes widened.
"W-What?" He stuttered but May didn't seem to notice as she continued explaining.
"Yep! I've been saving up for years and I finally managed to save enough to buy a small condo there."

Peter was still shocked.
May's smile faded slightly and she sat down beside Peter.
"Peter, honey, we both know how unsafe this city is. With the avengers and that new spider guy we're not safe here anymore."

Peter's hands started shaking.
"M-May... I-I can't leave." Peter said. May shook her head.
"I'm sorry Peter, I know you'll miss your friends but please, just do this, for me?"
Peter sighed and nodded.

He had to go with May, he wasn't going to leave her after all she had done for him. But now he had to tell his team the news. He stood up and forced a smile at May.

"Okay May, I'll go tell Mr. Stark I'm stopping the internship." Peter lied. He didn't know what he would do about Spiderman. How suspicious would that be if they moved to Miami then Spiderman suddenly showed up there.

May smiled and left the room to go start packing. Peter left their apartment and saw the for sale sign for the first time. He sighed as he walked over to avengers tower.

When he got there he ran into the elevator.
"Welcome back Peter shall I-" Friday began but Peter cut her off.
"Friday get everyone to the living room asap."
"Okay Peter I'm altering the avengers now." Friday said.

Peter sighed and leaned back against the elevator walls. He put his head in his hands and tried to think about what he was gonna do.

The doors opened and Peter saw a bunch of nervous avengers pacing around the room. They all froze when they saw him enter the room.

"Boy of Spiders! What is the problem? You have us all very worried." Thor said and everyone nodded in agreement.

Peter sighed.
"You guys should sit down for this."
Everyone sat down and waited for Peter to tell them his news. Peter took a deep breath.
"I-I'm moving..." he said quietly. Everyone still heard him.

"Moving like, to Brooklyn or something?" Clint asked. Peter shook his head.
Everyone gasped and Tony jumped up.
"No! I'm not letting my kid move that far away!" He yelled. The others agreed.

Peter gave them a sad smile but shook his head.
"I don't have a choice. May really wants to get away from the avengers and Spiderman."
This made the others even more sad.
"So we're the reason you're moving away?" Bucky said sadly.

Peter shook his head.
"Not really, she says it's safer there since there are not really any major villain attacks."
Steve frowned.
"Will you still be Spiderman?" He asked.

Peter shook his head slowly and a small tear fell down his cheek.
"I can't... it would be too suspicious to have us move and then Spiderman suddenly show up there."

Everyone hung their heads as they understood Peter's reasoning.
"I-I told her I came here to tell you I quit the internship Mr. Stark..." Peter began. "So... I guess this is goodbye."

He placed his suits (homemade and new) on the table. He also took off his webshooters and put them there too. All traces of Spiderman got left there.

He didn't wait for anyone to speak before he ran into the elevator and cried. He wasn't gonna get to be Spiderman anymore. He wasn't an avenger anymore. He wasn't the avengers' kid anymore.

When the elevator reached the lobby he ran back to his apartment. He didn't stop until he got there. He wiped his eyes to make sure it didn't look like he was crying.

He slowly trudged over to his apartment and walked inside. May was there, happy as ever as she packed away. When she saw Peter she danced over and hugged him.

"How'd it go honey?" She asked. Peter nodded his head.
May smiled and shoved empty boxes in his arms.
"Go pack up, I forgot to tell you we leave tomorrow morning."

Peter nodded and went into his room. He mindlessly packed up everything and set it in their moving truck May had ordered. He sighed as he flopped down in his bed after a long night of packing.


Their last morning in New York. Peter helped the movers carry the beds to the truck and he called Ned and MJ. They were going to meet him at the airport.

They hopped in a cab and May was even more excited. Peter faked it for her, he was happy to see her happy though. When they got to the airport Ned and MJ were there.

"I'm gonna miss you Pete." Ned said sadly. Peter hugged his lifetime best friend and they both may have cried a little.

Then he looked at MJ and she looked back at him.
"Bye loser." She said and turned around. Peter was about to walk away when Michelle turned around and hugged him.
"I'm really gonna miss you Peter. You were one of my first and only friends." She said as she cried.

Peter cried more too. Soon Ned joined their hug and they all stood there crying until May separated them.
"Our plane is boarding Peter." She said with sympathy. Peter nodded and turned to his friends.

"Bye guys..." he said and walked through the airport tunnel and onto the plane. He took his seat beside May and put his headphones on. He looked out the window at his only home and a few more tears slipped silently down his cheeks.

When they took off he watched as New York faded away and they soared through the clouds. He didn't wanna go, but he didn't have a choice...

Okay so yes I'm making a part two to this for sure. Also I'm glad you all enjoy some of my more original ideas, but please don't use them without asking or giving me credit. Thanks. Anyways thanks for reading!

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