Moving Day Part 2

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It's been a month since Peter and May moved to Miami. May absolutely adored it! She found a group of ladies her age that had a book club and she very much enjoyed attending it every Wednesday. She also loved her new job at as a retail worker and easily adjusted to the new lifestyle.

Peter on the other hand, hated, living here. Words couldn't express how much he despised living here. School was even worse than before since he had no friends and literally everyone picked on him and to make it worse he really missed Tony and the others.

Spiderman was what he missed most though. He missed the feeling of pride he got in himself every time he saved a life. He couldn't imagine how many people have suffered from Spider-Man's sudden disappearance.

Peter was currently watching YouTube videos about the news in New York. Surprise, surprise, they were all about Spiderman. Every video said something like this:

"Is Spiderman dead?"
"Where did Spiderman go?"
"Why did Spiderman leave us?"
"Who's going to protect us now? The avengers only attack big threats."
"We miss you Spiderman!"
"We need you!"

The one that intrigued Peter the most, was JJ.
"So Spiderman has mysteriously disappeared. I know I've said horrible things in the past but Spiderman, if you can hear this, we need you. You're not a menace, you're a hero, so please, come back home."

Peter felt a small tear go down his cheek as he smiled. He knew some people were grateful for his work, but to hear is biggest hater beg for him to return really made him more determined to get back.

May knocked on his bedroom door.
"Peter! We have to get out of here!" May exclaimed. Peter jumped out of his seat.
"What's going on?"
May looked panicked.
"Th-There must be some attack planned, I don't know, something about the avengers flying over here a-and they only come if someone's gonna attack!"

Peter's figure relaxed a bit. There wasn't an attack, the avengers were probably just coming to visit him. He needed to calm May first before he could sneak out and see them though.

"May, if there was an attack coming, then it would be on the news. The avengers are probably just doing a check up to make sure all is well." Peter said as he held May's trembling arms in his hands.

May relaxed a bit and nodded.
"Why don't you go relax while I head out to the library?" Peter asked.
"Alright honey, don't take too long though." May said. She went into their living room and Peter walked out the front door.

He walked down the sidewalk for a bit until he saw the massive form of the quin jet in a nearby field. He stood there and waited until a red and gold suit flew over and scooped him up.

They landed a few moments later and Peter saw all of his old teammates. He smiled and ran to hug them all. They hugged him back and they may have all let a few tears fall.

"I've missed you all so much." Peter said as the hug separated.
"We've missed you more kid." Tony replied.
"How's it been here?" Clint asked.
"Well Aunt May loves it." Peter said.
"Yea and what about you?" Natasha asked.

Peter lowered his head.
"I... I absolutely hate it here. No one will talk to me at school, I have no friends, I don't have you guys, and worst of all, no Spiderman."

The others frowned. But then Tony's face lit up.
"I have an idea! What if we find some way to get you to come back to New York with us?"
Peter smiled at the idea but then he frowned again.
"Aunt May hates the avengers, there's no way she would let me move in with you guys."

"What do we kidnap the boy of spiders! Then his aunt will not know he is with us!" Thor yelled. A few looked at him like he was insane.
"Thor I'm not gonna make May depressed." Peter sighed. Then Bucky spoke up.

"What if we just go and talk to her?" He suggested. The others agreed.
"Okay, Steve, Bucky and I will go." Tony said.
"Okay I'll show you the way." Peter said.

A few minutes later they arrived back at May's condo. Peter knocked on the door and when May answered she let out a loud shriek.
Then she looked at Peter.


Everyone was taken aback by her yelling, except Peter who just sighed.
"May, can we come in?" He asked. May nodded, her face still red as a tomato from how angry she was.

They walked in the small condo and sat down. May had calmed down now.
"I apologize Mr. Stark and... associates, for my behaviour."
"It's alright Mrs. Parker, we understand." Steve said.

"So, Peter, why are they here?" May asked. Peter rubbed his neck awkwardly, but Tony answered before he could.
"We want him to move in with us."

May's mouth dropped open.
"I'm sorry, but Peter is very happy here with me so that is not necessary." She snapped back.

Tony rolled his eyes.
"Listen May, Pete hates it here! Can't you tell? He's the best intern I've ever had and Stark Industries needs him back."

May was shocked.
Peter looked up with tears forming in his eyes.
"I wanna go May, I really, really wanna go."

May nodded.
"Well if that's what you want... I won't stand in your way." She frowned.
"May, don't feel like you have to do this. If you don't want me to, I won't." Peter replied. May shook her head.

"No Peter. You should go. Maybe... it'll be nice to have some alone time. If you're really not happy here, then I want you to go back to New York where you'll be happy. As long as you come and visit." May smiled.

Peter jumped up and hugged her.
"Thank you so much!"
May laughed and hugged him back.
"I'll miss you Peter."
"I'll miss you too Aunt May."

Peter packed up his bags and left the condo after saying another goodbye to his aunt. When the others saw him they were so happy to hear he would be moving in with them.

Peter was jumping in his seat the whole ride home. He texted his friends and they were so happy to have him back.

Of course he would miss Aunt May, but at least he didn't need to tell her about Spiderman, and he can go back to the life he loved. As Peter Parker at Midtown High, and Spiderman, the youngest avenger.

Ughhh I have to go for my first day of school tomorrow. Oh well. Thanks for reading!

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