The Interview

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Today was a very special day. Today was the day the world would be introduced to the newest avenger. Spiderman.

Well kind of. Peter will be wearing his mask and suit the whole time so his identity will not be revealed. He still has to protect his friends even though Aunt May is gone.

Peter was so nervous. He had been anxious about this interview the whole week and today was the day. All the other avengers would be behind him the whole time and if he got too overwhelmed, Tony said he could leave whenever.

He was currently in the kitchen eating breakfast when Steve and Bucky walked in.
"Hey Pete, you ready for your big day?" Bucky asked. Peter shrugged.
"I guess so, I'm just really nervous."

Steve patted him on the back.
"You have nothing to be worried about Peter. They'll love you."
Bucky nodded.
"And if they don't I'll personally make them regret being alive."

Peter chuckled.
"Thanks guys. I just hope no one asks about who I am, because then I'll probably panic." He said. As he said that Tony walked in.

"Don't worry kiddo, if there's a question you don't like just skip it and say next question please." Tony said. Peter nodded.

Soon the rest of the avengers came in the kitchen. Clint and Thor had normal people clothes on and Natasha was wearing a nice top with some jeans instead of their usual mission attire.

Steve Bucky and Tony were dressed the same as the others, while Peter was wearing all his suit but the mask. Pepper came into their kitchen and smiled at Peter.

"Everyone's outside waiting. I told them you'd be out in 5 minutes." Pepper said. Peter nodded and she left. Everyone smiled at him but Peter was still flustered. 

"Do not fret man of spiders! The camera people will suffer the wrath of Thor son of Odin if they harm you!" Thor shouted. Peter smiled.
"Thanks Thor."


When Peter saw how many reporters were there his nerves didn't settle down at all. Natasha hugged him to calm him down.
"Don't worry Peter, you'll do great."

Peter nodded and put on his mask.
"Let's do this."

He walked out and immediately everyone started taking pictures and shouting things out. Peter knew if this didn't stop, he'd have a sensory overload. Tony noticed this and called the crowd.

"LISTEN UP!" He shouted. Everyone stopped yelling and Tony continued. "Spiderman will only do this interview if you ask questions one at a time and quit it with the flashing. His senses can't take that shi- crap."

Steve nodded in approval at the catch of language. Peter introduced himself when Tony stepped back.
"H-Hi, I'm Spiderman."

All of a sudden a bunch of hands shot into the air. Peter guessed he was supposed to pick one.
"Uh you with the, brown hair and striped shirt."

The reporter nodded and put her hand down.
"What exactly are your powers?" She asked. Peter took a minute and decided he could answer this.

"Well I can obviously shoot webs, I can stick to walls and ceilings by my hands and my feet, I have enhanced senses, advanced healing, super strength, super agility and my sixth sense that warns me of incoming danger. I call it my Spidey sense."

Everyone murmured and then more hands shot up. Peter was beginning to feel more confident so he flew threw the questions.

"How did you get your powers?"
"I was bitten by a radioactive spider."

"How long have you been Spiderman?"
"About a year."

"What's your favourite hobby?"
"I love skateboarding."

But then the questions took a turn that Peter didn't like. They started getting more and more personal.

"How old are you?"
"Umm 15."

"So you're still in school then?"

"What school do you go to?"
Tony stepped in.
"Spiderman will not be answering any more questions about that topic. Move on or leave."

The reporters nodded and switch the direction up. But the questions only got worse.

"Who knows who you are?"
"Just my teammates."

"So your parents don't know you're the cities youngest superhero?"
Peter froze.
"I-I don't live with my parents."

"So they kicked you out? Why?"
"N-No they- they- no."

"Did you run away?"
"Did they send you to an orphanage?"
"Are they afraid of you?"

Peter felt like his world was caving in. Everything was spinning and he felt his hands shaking. The avengers tried to calm the reporters down, but it was too much for Peter.


Everyone shut up immediately. They looked at Peter with sad eyes. For the first time, a room of people saw the broken version of Spiderman.

It was dead silent in the room for about three minutes, before Tony and Pepper walked up and hugged Peter.

"Yes it's true, Spider-Man's biological parents are dead. But me and Ms. Potts hope to eventually fill that role as we are adopting him." Tony said.

Peter broke out into tears and hugged Tony. The next day, all over the papers was the headline.

"Spiderman, Tony Stark's son and hero of New York."

I hope you enjoyed this one! It was very fun to write! Thanks for reading!

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