Skinny Arms

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Peter Parker lived in the avengers compound. He was adopted by Tony Stark a few months ago, after his Aunt May passed. She was sick for quite some time so Peter was preparing himself for her death and he understood that she was now in a better place.

He told the avengers about him being Spiderman a few weeks after he moved in the compound. They were all very supportive of him and even offered to help him train.

Tony was hesitant on letting his son train with the earths mightiest heroes, but finally agreed to it about a week ago. Today was his first training session with the team.

When he woke up, the sun was already shining through his blinds. The warm rays made him want to stay curled up forever, but he knew he couldn't be late for his first day of training.

He forced himself out of bed and trudged his way to the bathroom. He let out a yawn and stretched as he grabbed his towel. He turned on the shower and freshened himself up while singing along to Another One Bites The Dust.

"Another one bites the dust!"
"And another ones gone, another ones gone,"
"Another one bites the dust!"
"Hey! Gonna get you too,"
"Another one bites the dust!"

He turned off the shower and stepped onto his fluffy floor mat. He dried off and slipped on some workout clothes. It was a black tank top with a blue spider on it that Tony got made for him. He paired it with some blue shorts and combed his hair back.

He walked out into the kitchen and saw some avengers lounging around.
"Hey Peter, sleep well?" Steve asked. Peter nodded as he opened up the fridge and got the milk. He grabbed the cereal and poured himself a bowl.

He sat at the island beside Bucky and Clint.
"Ready for training spiderkid?" Clint teased.
Peter rolled his eyes.
"Whatever arrowboy." He teased back.

"Alright enough teasing, lets go now." Bucky said as he stood up. Steve, Clint and Peter followed him down to the weight room.

They did some warm ups, with Clint still teasing Peter the whole time.
"So how much can you lift kid? 10 pounds? 15 pounds? We don't want those skinny arms of yours to snap." Clint smirked.

"Umm, well, I actually don't know how much..." he said quietly. He had never actually measured how much he could lift before. He figured it would never be as much as the others though.

"Don't worry kid, Tony invented a system that analyzes how much you can lift. We all usually scan ourselves before each session anyways." Steve explained to the embarrassed teen.

"I'll go first!" Clint yelled. He hopped onto the scanner that was set up in the corner of the room. Friday announced the results. (I researched all this so it's not made up and I'm actually shook.)

"Clint Barton aka Hawkeye, 150 pounds." Friday said. Clint looked proud of himself as he stepped off the scanner. Peter smirked.
"That all Katniss?"
Clint just rolled his eyes.
"Whatever bugboy, I may not be as strong as the two super soldiers but I bet I'm stronger than you."

Bucky stepped on next. He smirked when Friday announced his results.
"Bucky Barnes aka Winter Soldier, 1 800 pounds." Friday announced. Peter mouth fell open.
"Oh my god!" He exclaimed. Bucky chuckled.
"Don't worry Pete, I'm sure you'll come close." Bucky said as he patted Peter on the back.

Peter was nervous now, and he hadn't even heard how much Steve could lift. He didn't want to seem like the weak one. He hoped he could be only a few hundred pounds less than the super soldiers.

It was Steve's turn.
"Steve Rogers aka Captain America, 2 000 pounds." Friday announced. Peter's has almost hit the floor. Peter knew he had no chance of being close to the others, maybe Clint but he wasn't sure.

Yes he knew he was stronger than the average 15 year old, but he had no clue how much since he never had to use all his strength before.

"Go on Pete." Steve encouraged. Peter looked nervous.
"It's fine. We don judge here, right Clint?" Bucky glared. He didn't want Peter to feel so intimidated.

Clint rolled his eyes.
"Yea yea, whatever, fine." He said as he crossed his arms. Peter took a deep breath and stepped onto the scale.

"Peter Parker aka Spiderman, 20 000 pounds." Friday said. Everyone's facial expression read pure shock. Especially Peter.
"Th-That has to be wrong!?" Peter exclaimed. Steve shook his head.
"Friday's never wrong." He said shocked.

"Why don't we test it? See if the kid can actually lift that much." Clint suggested. Peter nodded.
"Yea, that's a good idea." He agreed.

"Friday? Get us a 20 000 pound weight set up please." Bucky said. Tony also designed some self preparing weights. Peter walked over to the extremely heavy weight.

"There's no way I can lift this. I'm not stronger than both of you!" Peter exclaimed.
"You'll be fine Pete. Just give it a try." Steve said. They all really wanted to see if this skinny teenager could lift more than all of them combined. Heck he could probably even give Thor a run for his money.

Peter placed both hands on the weight and lifted it up. To his surprise, he was able to lift it straining only a little. He lowered it to the ground to see three shocked avengers staring at him.

"Friday, get Tony in here now." Steve asked. Tony came running in almost instantly.
"Is everything okay? Is Peter hurt?" Tony asked frantically.
"Quite the opposite actually." Bucky nodded.
"Yea, look what the kid can do." Clint pointed out.

Peter lifted the weight up again and slowly set it back down.
"Okay? He can lift a weight? How much is it Fri?" Tony asked his AI.

"20 000 pounds sir." Friday said. Tony almost fell over.
"What the-"

Peter blushed awkwardly.
"Wow Pete, I knew you were strong but... wow..." Tony gushed.
"Thanks dad..." Peter smiled. Tony then started laughing.

"Oh my god! You're stronger than Capsicle and Bucky!" Tony exclaimed. "I'm so proud of you kid." He smiled.

Peter smiled back at his dad.
"So... should we train now?" Peter asked. The others nodded and Tony watched with amazement as his son out trained all the avengers there.

Well I updated on vacation again... oh well. Anyways I hope you enjoyed this one shot! I had so much fun reading this and was shocked when I found out Spidey could lift 20 000 pounds! Like holy guacamole! Thanks for reading!

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