Dialed Up

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Request by @whitewolf134

It was early one Saturday morning, when Peter Parker-Stark woke up in his new room at the avengers compound. It has been a few months since Tony Stark adopted him, and he was loving every second of it.

Saturday was his training day, and he was so excited to train with Clint, Natasha, Steve and Bucky. He usually only got to train with Sam or Rhodey, but now Tony finally let him spar with some of the more advanced avengers! It was good that Tony wasn't at the compound either so that way he couldn't change his mind.

He threw on some work out gear and made his way downstairs.
"Hey Aunt Tasha!" Peter smiled as he took a seat beside her.
"Hey Peter, ready for training?" She replied.
"You know it!" He answered cheerfully.

Natasha chuckled at his enthusiasm. Clint heard all this before he walked in.
"You won't be cheering like that when I kick your butt spiderboy!" He teased.

Peter rolled his eyes.
"Yea what ever Katniss." He teased back. Clint put a hand to his chest in a mock feeling hurt way and Peter just laughed.

Shortly after, Steve and Bucky walked in. They must have just gotten back from a run, because they were all sweaty.

"You guys ready to train?" Steve asked.
"Sure thing uncle Steve!" Peter responded. They all stood up and made their way down to one of the many training rooms.

This one had a big area covered in mats for sparring purposes. It also had a punching bag area with different sized dumbbells on the side. Before they did anything, they spent time warming up.

While they were warming up, Peter started to feel a weird sensation in the back of his head. It wasn't like his Spidey sense warning him of a danger, this was like a feeling that something bad was going to happen.

Peter didn't want to ruin his training day, so he just pushed the feeling away and got ready to spar. His first opponent was Clint.

"I don't think you're ready big-boy, I'm not gonna be goin easy on ya." Clint teased. Peter rolled his eyes.
"One, It's arachnid, and two, you don't stand a chance against me." Peter teased back.

"Alright, enough smack talk, start the match would ya?" Steve joked. Clint and Peter squared up. Bucky was about to start the countdown, when that sensation in Peter's head came back, only this time it was 11 times as bad.

He collapsed to the ground, screaming and clutching his ears. It was like all his senses exploded. The room was so bright, even through his shut eyes, he could still feel the immense brightness of the room.

He could hear people slamming doors in apartments a few blocks from here. He heard every piece of technology in the compound buzzing with energy. When Clint bent down to check on him, his voice sounded like it was going to burst his eardrums. Peter screamed more which just made it even more painful.

He could smell all of the most putrid things. Clint's horrible work out socks that haven't been washed in days made him gag, and even something that would smell nice, like Natasha perfume, made him want to throw up because it was so strong.

Every fabric on his body felt like it was burning through his skin, and the mat he was curled up on felt like hundreds of tiny daggers piercing him.

Then there was the taste. Oh god, the taste. Every thing he had ate in the last week he tasted again all together. And if you don't think that's too bad, just try and imagine tasting a mix of yogurt, feta cheese, maple syrup, gravy, pineapple and so much more.

He could feel every little hair on his skin standing up and his mind racing trying to figure out what was going on. Then it hit him. He was having a sensory overload. Oh god he hadn't had one of these since he first got his powers! Why was it happening now?

Around him, all the avengers were standing shocked. They had no idea what to do. One minute Peter was trash talking Clint, then the next he was collapsed on the ground screaming. Clint tried to talk to him.

"Peter! PETER!" He yelled. But the more he yelled, the louder Peter screamed. Peter stopped screaming and instead lay there crying. Natasha and Clint thought Peter said something but it was so quiet that only Steve and Bucky could hear. Steve bent down to his level.

"sensory overload..." he whispered in a voice that even Steve could barely hear. Steve's eyes widened as he realized what was happening. He had never had one this bad, but sometimes his advanced hearing gave him a headache. This looked much worse.

"Friday dim the lights as low as possible and soundproof the walls. Avengers clear out of this room now." Steve whispered. Everyone looked confused but did what Steve asked.

As soon as everything was toned down, Peter felt so much better. When the avengers were outside the room they asked Steve what was happening.

"What's up with the kid?" Clint asked.
"He's having a sensory overload. Me and Buck get them sometimes but never as bad as that. It's horrible though." Steve explained. Bucky has a look of guilt on his face for the kid, while the others nodded even though they were still confused.

It took a few hours for Peter to be able to leave the room, and when he did no one brought up what had happened. They just made him comfortable and said they will be training tomorrow. When Tony came back, Peter told him all about what happened and Tony designed a special room for him to go to if this ever happened again.

Sorry this chapter was short and kinda bad. I hope I did alright with the request. As I said in my other book, as of Friday I won't be able to update for a week since I'm on vacation! Sorry! Thanks for reading!

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