I Love You Papa

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My readers have spoken! A few asked for fluff so I will do some...
Just not this one. Most of you did ask me to write more angst but for those that didn't don't worry I have some fluff prepared for you later!

Peter Stark was the six year old son of Tony Stark. Steve and Bucky were also his two uncles. Peter loved playing with his toys and he was very good at school.

Tony was papa. Steve was Cap. Bucky was Buck. Peter also had a few nicknames himself.
Pete, Petey, kiddo, the list goes on.

He was so proud of his papa for being Iron Man. He watched his papa take down lots of bad guys, the most recent one was Crusher. That man scared Peter. He threw his papa into a wall, but Iron Man still saved the day!

Peter was now in grade 1. He was really good at school and already knew how to read lots of books. It did help when there was pictures though.

That's where he was right now. Sitting in his small chair writing a letter to the person he looked up to most. He focused really hard and scribbled down some letters on the paper. The letter read this:

Dear Papa,
I love you so much and I love the way you make the bad guys go away. You're the best papa ever!

He looked very satisfied with himself as he handed his letter to the teacher. The bell rang and he waved by to his friends and skipped out the door.

Whenever papa came to get him, he was always standing at the front gate. Peter shrugged and kept walking down the sidewalk. He figured if he walked far enough he could find his papa.

He started kicking a pebble and didn't see the tall man standing in front of him. Peter bumped into him.

"Sorry." Peter mumbled. He was embarrassed. The man knelt down and smiled at him. Peter didn't like this mans smile. It looked scary.

"That's okay little buddy. Do you want to see my puppies? They're in my van over there and I also have some candy with your name on it." The man said.

Peter thought for a minute. He would really like to see some puppies and get some candy, but this guy scared him.

"I'm sorry Mister, but I need to get back to my papa." Peter said. The man frowned.
"Your papa? Your papa is Iron Man right? I know him, he sent me to come get you."

Peter thought for a moment and shrugged. Maybe seeing some puppies and getting candy wouldn't be too bad. He nodded and the man took his hand in his. Peter looked up at him. He didn't seem so friendly anymore.

He opened the van and put Peter inside. The door slammed shut. Peter was confused. There were no puppies. Or no candies.

"What kind of candy is it?" Peter asked. The man smirked at the boy.
"There's no candy, only revenge."


It's been an hour since Peter should have been home and Tony was freaking out.
"Where is he!? I went to the school to go get him and he was gone!"

Steve and Bucky looked just as worried.
"I don't know Tones. A kid his age wouldn't walk anywhere." Steve said sadly.

"You don't think-" Bucky started. Tony frowned.
"I-I don't know..."


Peter didn't like this place. The mean guy put him in a room with big metal bars outside of it. He also put this metal things on his wrists and ankles that were stuck to the wall.

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