Please Don't Go

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Okay so like I've written two fluff stories already in this book, and I feel like we need some sadness to even it out a bit. Sound good? Yep, okay. Also small trigger warning for gory descriptions because yes there is going to be some of those. On with the story!

Peter was swinging around the city doing his nightly patrol. There really hadn't been much crime tonight, something that made Peter happy since he really felt like he was starting to make a difference.

He took a seat on the edge of a building and looked out over the city to the immense Avengers Tower. He had been staying there on weekends for the past two months, and he was super close with all the avengers now.

When he wasn't staying at the tower, he was at his apartment with his Aunt May. Peter thought about going back early but decided against it, since he was pretty sure his aunt had to work and extra shift at the diner. Or was that tomorrow? He honestly couldn't remember.

He shrugged the thought off and swung around some more, enjoying the thrill of flying between each web. He had some horrible experiences in his past, but his life was going up!


Meanwhile, May was sitting in the apartment. Peter was 'at Ned's house' so she was waiting for him to come home. She really wanted to spend some extra time with him tonight since she had to work a double shift tomorrow.

She decided to make herself a coffee and just relax for a bit. She was about to pick up her hot mug, when she heard a knocking on the door.
'Oh that must be Peter!' She thought happily to herself.

"Coming!" She called.

May walked over to the apartment door and pulled it open. In the doorway was a tall strong man with some sort of gadget on his wrist.

"C-Can I help you?" May asked frightened.
"Adrian Toomes sends his best." Was all the man said before he burst into the small apartment.

He brutally beat May to a pulp with his shocking glove and knives. She was barely recognizable by the time Shocker was finished. It took no more than three minutes for him to murder Peter Parker's last living relative.

Before he left, he grabbed a brush from his back pocket, walked over to the bloody heap that was May and rubbed her blood on the wall to form two letters. A. T.


Peter decided it was time to head home. He stood up, and began the short swing back to his apartment.

When he was a few minutes away, his Spidey sense started to tingle, like there was danger but the threat was gone. Peter shrugged it off. He was too tired to fight anymore crime tonight.

He crawled over to his apartment window and climbed inside. It wasn't too late so his aunt should still be awake.

"Hey Aunt May! Sorry I'm a little late! Me and Ned lost track of time!" Peter called out to the apartment.

When he received no answer he grew suspicious.
"May are you home?" He called out again. No reply. He took off his suit and walked into the living room.

"May where ar-" he stopped talking when he saw the heap of flesh and blood that must have been his aunt.

Peter collapsed onto the floor.
"MAY!" He screamed.
He crawled over to her and held onto what was left of her hand.
"Please... don't go... don't leave me all alone." Peter pleaded with the corpse.

He sat there crying for two hours before he ran out of tears. He stood up shaking and whimpering. He was about to call the police, when he saw writing on the wall. It was in blood.

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