Henry Romanoff

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Peter Stark is not your average 5 year old boy. Well to start, he is the son of the genius billionaire ex-playboy philanthropist Tony Stark. Not to mention the avengers are his aunts and uncles.

With all of this fame you'd think a child would grow entitled and snooty, but not Peter. Peter was the sweetest little boy around. He wouldn't hurt a fly, since he cared about everything. He always looked for the best in people, no matter who they were.

All of the avengers loved the little boy to pieces. They would destroy anyone who dared touch a curly brown hair on the puppy dog-eyed boy.

Even Natasha Romanoff, the deadly assassin Black Widow, had a soft spot for Peter. Peter knew about Natasha's past, well the parts he could understand, but he didn't care. All he said was,

"Dun worry Auntie Tasha, if it make you sad, that mean you know what you did was bad."

Peter would say that whenever Natasha would feel anxious or overwhelmed about memories from her past. She would kneel down to his level and he would cup as much of her cheeks as he could into his small little hands.

All the avengers had a way to calm their anxiety attacks, and for a lot of them, it was Peter. Just being around the boy is enough to lighten their mood instantly.

Peter still had a bit of trouble pronouncing some words so it was always a sight to coo over when he would try and say their super hero names. That was actually what they were doing right now.

Tony sat on the ground beside the boy while the avengers sat on the couches.
"Okay Peter, I'm gonna point at somebody and you tell me their secret name and their real name okay?"
Peter nodded enthusiastically.
"Kay daddy!" (I cringe too when authors write daddy but I can't imagine a five year old saying dad.)

Tony pointed at Steve.
"Capnan Amrica an Uncle teve!"

Then at Bucky.
"Winter Sol-Solder an uncle buck buck!"

Then Clint.
"Hakeye an uncle cwint!"

Then Wanda.
"Scawet Wich an auntie Wanda!"

Then to Rhodes.
"War Mahine an uncle Rhodey!"

Then Sam.
"Facon an Uncle Sam!"

Then Vision.
"Vizon an uncle viz!"

Then to Bruce.
"Huk an uncle Bwuce!"

Then to Thor.
"He onwy has one name. It's uncle for!"

Then Natasha.
"Bak Widow, wike a spider, an Auntie Tasha!"

And finally he pointed at himself.
"Iwon Man an daddy!" Peter jumped. Everyone clapped for the proud boy.

"Good job Peter!" Steve smiled. Peter ran over to him and lifted his arms up into the air. This was the universal signal for Peter wanting picked up.

Steve picked him up and sat him down onto his knee. Peter cheered as he was bounced up and down.

"Hey Pete? Why don't you go play with your toys for a bit so we can talk about boring adult stuff?" Tony asked.
"Kay! Bye!" Peter said and he ran off to his room. Everyone laughed at this adorable little boy. Who knew what they did to deserve him.

The avengers were all sat around the kitchen table discussing some semi-important avengers stuff. Everything was going smoothly until Peter started sprinting down the hall yelling.

"Auntie Tasha! Auntie Tasha!" He yelled as he burst into the room. His fists formed a ball around something but no one had noticed that yet.

"What is it Peter?" Natasha asked concerned. She hoped Peter wasn't hurt or anything.
"I found your brother!" He exclaimed. All the avengers looked at Natasha in shock.

"You have a brother!?" Clint exclaimed. Natasha shook her head.
"No. I don't."

Now they were concerned. Who was in the tower saying he was related to Natasha Romanoff? It may have been a threat.

"Where is he Peter?" Natasha asked. Peter smiled.
"He's in my hand!" He squealed. Now everyone was even more confused.

Peter walked over to the table, climbed up on a chair and put the object onto the table.

It was a spider.
"See auntie Tasha! He's a spider like you! I named him Henry." Peter said seriously.

Everyone started laughing and laughing. They laughed for a good five minutes before they were able to calm down.

"Peter I think we should put Henry back outside okay?" Tony said. Peter looked sad.
"But it's auntie Tasha's brother! He'll be cold and lonely!" He frowned. Natasha picked the boy up.

"Don't you think Henry would want to stay with his family outside? They must really miss him. Plus I think uncle Clint is scared of spiders." Natasha whispered the last part and Peter laughed.

Tony took Peter outside to leave the spider. He said his goodbyes to Henry and walked back inside. When he came back in, his eyes lit up and he jumped.

"Auntie Tasha guess what! When I gwow up I'm gonna be just wike you. Except my name will be Spiderman!" Peter announced proudly and made a superhero pose.

Natasha grabbed Peter and pulled him into the tightest squeeze.

"I love you Peter. And I think that's a wonderful idea." She said to him. Peter looked back at her and gave a big smile.
"I wuv you too auntie Tasha."

Awwe I love writing about baby Peter. I hope you all enjoyed this shorter chapter! Thanks for reading!

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