Avengers Diss-Track

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Hi everyone! I'm back! Here's a super happy and fun-filled story for you all! I'll explain some more after the chapter. Enjoy!

Peter Parker had had a super long and boring day at school. Flash was being especially annoying today, Ned was home sick and his teachers decided that pop quizzes were a great idea today.

He had so much homework in every single class. All of this added up to Peter walking into the tower and throwing his bag on the floor. He jumped onto the couch beside Bucky and sighed dramatically.

Bucky put the newspaper down and looked at the dramatic teen. He sighed.
"Yes Peter?"
Peter looked at him and Bucky knew it was time for one of his long rants.

"What's the point of school Bucky? All it is is a confinement centre for people between the ages of 13-19 where they kill trees to force you to work for hours on these dead tree products." Peter said. Bucky chuckled.

"Well Pete, school is important for you to learn new skills." Bucky explained. Peter rolled his eyes.
"Okay yeah I get that, but why do the apple devils give us stacks of homework taller than Mount Everest to do in one night!?" He exclaimed.

Bucky just laughed and so Peter got up.
"See you in 35 years when I'm done my homework." Peter sighed.
"Bye Peter." Bucky said with a chuckle.


Peter had been working for over an hour and he wasn't even halfway done his enormous stack of homework. He grumbled every time he faced a new math problem. A knock on his door caught his attention.

"Come in." Peter said. The door opened and Tony, Steve and Clint walked inside.
"Hi Peter!" Steve said happily. Peter waved.
"How's it going kiddo." Tony asked. Peter replied with one word.

"Mood." Steve said. Tony and Clint looked at him while Peter chuckled.
"Underoos stop filling Cap's head with all of these pop culture references." Tony said.

"Anyways." Clint said, "we're having karaoke night!"
Peter frowned. He loved Karaoke he'd be in his room for hours doing homework.
"Oh come on! I'm gonna be here forever and I wanna do karaoke!" Peter whined.

Clint laughed.
"Too bad spiderboy, looks like you'll have to suffer through school work while us adults sing our hearts out." He teased.

Peter glared. But then got an idea.
"Who's all going?" He asked.
"Me, Tony, Steve, Bruce, Nat, Thor and Bucky." Clint said. Peter nodded.

"Have fun with your schoolwork spiderboy!" Clint called out as they left the room. As soon as his door clicked shut, Peter threw his homework on the bed and began to get to work on his master plan.

Avengers diss track.


Karaoke night was in full swing. Everyone was having a great time, although they wished Peter were down there with him. Thor was currently the one singing. And his song choice was impeccable.

"Let it goooo! Let it goooo! Can't hold it back anymore! Let it goooo! Let it goooo! Turn away and slam the door! I don't care! What they're going to sayyyy! Let the storm rage onnnnnnnnnn!!! The cold never bothered me anyway!"

He took a bow and everyone cheered and hollered for him. It was about to be Clint's turn when all the lights went dim and a spotlight appeared by the hallway to Peter's room.

Peter walked out into the living room in a full on rapper outfit. Everyone looked stunned when he grabbed the microphone.

"This song is dedicated to my wonderful family, the avengers." He said innocently. Everyone cooed and Clint stuck out his bottom lip.

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