I Never Liked Bullies

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I'm sorry I can't remember who requested this!

Peter Parker-Stark has been living in avengers tower for 5 months now and he was super close with every single avenger. Well, every avenger except for Bucky.

The boy had no idea why Bucky would barely talk to him or even stay in the same room with him. It bothered Peter at first, but then he figured that Bucky just didn't like kids invading his space.

Right now, he was sitting in his last class of the day, waiting for the bell to ring. He tapped his foot on the ground anxiously as the minutes ticked down.

The bell finally rang and he hopped up to leave. He had almost made it to the door, when Flash showed up.
"Where do ya think you're goin Penis?" Flash scoffed. Peter sighed as he turned around.

"What do you want Flash."
Flash smirked.
"I don't like your tone Penis, looks like I'll have to teach you a lesson."

Flash threw a hard punch to Peter's jaw, making him fall to the ground. Even with Peter's powers all of Flash's hits really hurt. He could never defend himself though. Right now he was the weak Peter Parker, not the genetically enhanced Spiderman.

Flash kicked him as he was on the ground. He tried to protect his head as much as possible, but he knew that most of his ribs must have been broken.

When Flash stopped, Peter slowly got up only to be met with three more hard punches to the face and he slumped down the wall. Flash walked away laughing and Peter sat there panting.

It took him a full hour to walk back to the tower. He took his time since he knew that no one would be there anyways. Well except for Bucky, but it's not like he would notice him anyways.

Peter's healing had started to take effect so his ribs didn't hurt too bad, but he still looked like he got run over by a bus.

Peter trudged into the living room. He made a move to go straight to his room, but to his surprise, Bucky spoke up from his spot on the sofa.

"What happened?" He asked without looking up from the newspaper.
"Nothing it's fine." Peter mumbled as he continued the walk to his room.

"What's his name?" Bucky asked. Peter turned around and walked over to Bucky.
"I've seen my fair share of injuries cause by bullies." Bucky said, remembering the pre-serum Steve days. "Back when I was taller than Steve, I had to save him from a lot of bullies."

Peter looked confused. This was the most Bucky had ever talked to him before. He sat down on couch beside him.

"Flash. His name is Flash." Peter said. Bucky put the paper down.
"How long?"
"Since high school started." Peter responded quietly. Bucky nodded.

"Let me see your face." Bucky said. Peter moved closer and Bucky examined his bruises.
"Damn. Kid's got an arm huh?"
Peter nodded.
"Why don't you fight back?" Bucky asked. Peter shrugged.

"Because I can't risk revealing Spiderman. If the needy Peter Parker managed to fight back, that would be too suspicious. Plus I said I would use my powers to help people, not beat up a bully. There's no telling how hard I would end up hitting him."

Bucky nodded.
"Alright lets go pay him a visit shall we? A little intimidation should do the trick."
Peter smiled.
"Wait Bucky." He said. Bucky turned back around. "How come you avoid me?"

Bucky pulled Peter into a hug. Peter was surprised but hugged him back.
"For the same reason you won't fight back Flash. I don't want to accidentally hurt you..."

Peter smiled.
"So you don't hate me?"
"No of course not Pete! You brighten up the whole tower." Bucky smiled.

They left into the elevator and Peter took Bucky to flash's house. Luckily his parents weren't home. Peter knocked on the door and Flash opened it up.

"Hey Penis, come for round two?" Flash snickered. Peter shook his head.
"I came here to tell you to leave me alone."
Flash laughed.
"Yea and why do you expect me to do that?"

Bucky walked up.
"Because he has the Winter Soldier on his side."

Flash's face went pale and his pants got wet.
"Never bully Peter again. I don't like bullies." Bucky glared.
Flash nodded and ran back inside.

Peter burst into laughter.
"Did you see that!? He peed himself!"
Bucky laughed too and pulled Peter into a hug.
"I'm glad I was able to help you Pete."
"Me too Uncle Bucky, me too."

Awwwe this was such a sweet request that I got! I hope I filled it well and thanks for reading! Hi

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