Spider Spray

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This is a repost from my other book that I wanted to share on this book!

Peter Parker was just your average 15 year old kid. He went to school everyday, hung out with his best friend a lot, oh yeah, and he also spent the weekends at avengers tower spending lots of time with his father figure Tony Stark and the avengers too!

He was Peter Parker by day, and Spiderman by night. Tony Stark was the only one who knew of his alter identity. He planned on telling the other avengers soon, but just not yet.

Today was Saturday and Peter got to spend the whole day hanging out in the tower with some avengers while Tony was at a meeting in Moscow.

Clint, Bucky and Sam were all still at the tower while the others were on missions. Peter loved hanging out with them and couldn't wait to plant a bunch of pranks for when the others came back.

He walked into the tower elevator.
"Welcome back Peter. Shall I inform the others of your arrival?" Friday asked in her pleasant British accent.
"Yes please Fri." Peter said back. He stepped into the elevator and the doors shut closed.

He watched as the floor numbers slowly went upwards. After about a minute the doors opened with a ding and Peter happily walked out. As soon as he stepped into the room, his Spidey senses went haywire and he stepped backwards.

Right where he had been standing, a water balloon flew by. He looked to where it came from and saw a shocked Clint standing there.

"How did you dodge that!? I never miss!" Clint exclaimed. Peter's eyes went wide. He tried to come up with an excuse.
"Uh... quick reflexes?" He said kind of unsure of himself. Clint must have bought it though.
"Yea well those must be some reflexes kid." Clint chuckled and walked over to Peter.

"Welcome back Pete!" Sam yelled as he ran down the hallway.
"Hi Peter!" Bucky said as he followed close behind. Peter smiled at all of them and set his jacket on the coat rack.

"Hey guys. I've gotta do some homework okay?" Peter said as he readjusted his bag on his back. Clint pouted like a five year old and Sam crossed his arms.
"Do you have to?" Bucky whined. Peter rolled his eyes. 
"Yes I do. And grow up will ya?" He said as he walked to his room.

While his back was turned, his Spidey senses alerted him again. He moved to the side and other balloon sailed by his head.
"Are you kidding me!?" Clint exclaimed. Peter laughed.
"You must be losing your skill old man!"

Clint growled.
"I'll get you for that!"
"You gotta stop missing first!" Peter snickered back and shut his bedroom door.

"How did you miss man? You never miss?" Sam asked. Clint rubbed his temples.
"I don't know man, maybe I am losing my touch..."
Bucky put a hand on Clint's shoulder.
"Aww come on Clint maybe it's just an off day?" He smiled. Clint nodded.

They really had no clue that Peter had his sixth sense to alert him. And Peter was more than happy about that. He didn't want the avengers finding out about Spiderman anytime soon.


Peter spent about an hour doing various math, science and English assignments. As soon as he had finished he began to feel a little odd. It was like his limbs were tingling and he didn't know why.

He went to the kitchen, where he saw Bucky standing on a chair with Clint and Sam hiding behind the island. As soon as he entered the room he coughed a bit.

"What's going on here?" He said and coughed after. That's weird he didn't think he could get sick.
Sam pointed at the wall where Bucky had some sort of can in his hands.

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