Peter The Family Helper

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Peter Parker was on his way to avengers tower one day after school. It had been a long day with plenty of assignments that needed to be completed. He was very much looking forward to a bit of downtime.

He walked through the front doors of the pristine building. He scanned his badge when he arrived at the security gate. Friday greeted him in her lovely British voice.

"Peter Parker, full access."
He walked through the gate and into Tony's personal elevator. Friday greeted him more personally inside.

"Welcome back Peter. Boss and the others are on a mission but should be back before dark." She said warmly.
"Alright thanks Fri. I'll just hang out on the common floor while I wait." Peter replied.

He figured they would be on a mission. There weren't many avengers still on earth though. Thor and Bruce had disappeared, while Rhodey and Sam were on a military mission. The only ones around were Tony, Steve, Bucky, Wanda, Clint and Natasha.

The doors dinged when he arrived at the desired floor. He walked to the kitchen and started to make himself a cup of hot cocoa when Friday's voice played loudly throughout the floor.

"Peter boss is requesting to put a call through." She said.
"Alright, put him through." Peter said. That's odd, why would Tony call him while he's on a mission?

"Peter? Kid ya there?" Tony said through the speaker.
"Yea I'm here Mr. Stark. What's up?" He replied. He had a small pit of worry growing in his stomach.
"Kid we- ARGH!- we need your help! E-Everyone's hurt... and I-I can't hold it ba-" Tony said with panic.

"The signal was lost." Friday said. Peter's eyes went wide and he ran frantically to suit up. He put on his mask and jumped out the window.

"Karen, track the avengers." He said.
"They appear to be at a large open area just outside of town. I estimate 8 minutes until arrival." She replied.

Peter swung faster than ever before to try and get to where the avengers were. Tony said they were hurt badly, and the avengers are like family to Peter. He needed to get there quicker. Before it was too late.

When he arrived all he saw was destruction and chaos. There was just one guy standing in the middle of it all. Peter was confused. How could all of the avengers not be able to take out one guy?

His blood started to boil when he saw those he loved strewn around the field. Steve lay unconscious with blood spewing from several wounds while Bucky was laying on his side coughing. His arm was missing too.

Wanda looked pale and weak as she was protecting an unconscious and injured Clint from the blasts the man was shooting at them. Natasha had several bullet wounds in her arms and legs but was still fighting. Peter winced as he saw her get thrown backwards. She didn't get back up.

Tony was the only one left and when he got thrown back too, the attacker aimed a high tech weapon at his mentor. Peter figured this was the best time to enter.

He jumped down from his hiding place and shot a web at the weapon the man was holding. It successfully stopped the blast from hitting the injured billionaire.

"Spiderman." The villain hissed. Peter landed by him and put his hands on his hips.
"Why do all villains say my name like that when they see me? Is it the suit?" He joked as he turned around and expected himself.

The villain hissed as he shot a few blasts in Peter's direction of which he dodged easily.
"I am Blasto, the new villain in town!" Blasto said as he laughed maniacally. Peter burst out into laughter as he clutched his stomach.

"Oh my god! Blasto?! That's the best you could come up with?" Peter said through laughs. Blasto growled and shot his weapon furiously at Peter. Peter jumped around gracefully and dodged each blast.

Blasto caught on that he wouldn't be able to shoot the masked spider, so he turned and pointed his weapon at Tony who was still laying on the ground, unable to move.

"You're just a distraction Spiderman, and I won't let you interfere with my mission to eliminate the avengers." Blasto sneered as he readied the weapon to fire.

Peter didn't know what came over him, but it was as if every muscle in his body began to pulse and his face turned into a grimace that would terrify even the Black Widow herself.

He clenched his fists and all the sarcastic wit he normally used while he fought faded away and turned into pure anger towards this man.

"No one hurts my family." Peter growled in a voice so menacing it made the villain freeze and turn around. Peter charged at him and the man actually looked scared.

Peter threw his fist at the mans jaw, and in one swift punch sent him flying back unconscious. Peter panted as all the avengers around him began to wake up and drop their jaws at the sight in front of them.

"Pete?" Steve mumbled as he sat up. "How on earth did you do that?"
Peter was frozen. He took off his mask since the guy was knocked out anyways.
"I-I don't know... I just saw all of you so... hurt... and I just, got really really mad." Peter tried to explain.

Tony had gotten up and out of his suit. He hobbled over to Peter and wrapped his arms around him.
"Thank you kid. You saved our lives." Tony said. Peter swore he even saw a tear fall from his mentor's cheek.

"Anytime. Now we should get all of you to a medical bay or something. Like sheesh you all look terrible." Peter joked which made them laugh. They all helped each other into the Quin-Jet that was parked close by.

Peter helped patch up some bullet wounds and some burns that the avengers had received during the flight back to the tower. When they arrived, everyone was rushed to the medbay. Peter followed his mentor/father figure the whole time. He didn't want to leave Tony alone.

When the doctors had finished, they came out to tell Peter he could go in and see him. Peter would go see the others of course, but he wanted to see Tony first.

"Just a heads up, we gave him some pretty strong pain meds so he's a little loopy." The doctor explained. Peter thanked them and walked into the room.

"Hey Mr. Stark." Peter said quietly as he walked in. Tony gave him a big toothy grin to which Peter chuckled at. Those meds must have been pretty strong.

"Hey Petey! Stop with the Mr. stuff ok? I think we definitely can move forward to Tony or even Dad." Tony said. Peter's eyes widened. Tony had just asked him to call him dad.

"Umm you want me to call you dad?" Peter said cautiously. Tony nodded vigorously.
"Well I think of you as my son Pete, so why not?"

Peter's eyes began to well up. He ran forward to hug his mentor.
"I love you... Dad."

Yay!!! This was so much fun to write! I have been writing a lot of fluff lately since I have a BIG idea planned filled with heartache for ya so I figured might as well soften the blow with lots of fluffiness before it. Thanks for reading!

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