Dark Slinger Part 4

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The word kept ringing through Tony's head after Peter had said it. He remembered who they were. His boy broke HYDRA's control. He looked down at Peter who was staring up at him with his big brown eyes, that finally got their sparkle back.

Tony began to cry as he hugged Peter, not wanting to ever let him go. Of course Peter was now crying too and the bonds that tied him to the chair were removed.
"I-I'm so s-sorry Dad." Peter said as he cried. Tony rubbed his hair soothingly.
"Don't you ever, think that this was your fault Pete." He replied.

Soon the others joined in on the hug as well. It took them around 10 minutes to all calm down. Now it was the hard part. They had to ask Peter about what HYDRA did to him.

"Pete, there's no easy way to do this, but how much do you remember about HYDRA?" Steve asked slowly.

Peter looked to the ground. He looked back up with sad eyes.
"I-I remember the pain... lots of pain... a-and what they called me... and these two guys who I was to call master... a-and boss... it was just the longest two weeks of my life." Peter replied.

The avengers looked at one another.
"How long did you say you were there for Pete?" Natasha asked.

Peter looked confused.
"Two weeks? Why, was it less?"

The avengers immediately felt guilt inside of them. How were they supposed to tell this poor boy that he was out of control for two years?

"Peter, you were missing for two years..." Tony said quietly.

Peter's world turned upside down. It was as if, this small bit of information, caused his brain to open itself up to the horrible memories of the past two years. He remembered all the pain, the hatred for the chair, dr.zola, Red Skull... and all the murders he had caused.

"Oh my god..." Peter whispered. The team felt nothing but guilt for the boy. Only Bucky could imagine what he was going through.
"Peter-" Bucky tried to speak, but stopped when he heard Peter yell with tears streaming down his face,
"I KILLED HUNDREDS OF INNOCENT PEOPLE!" And he ran out of the room.

Peter slammed the door to his bedroom that hadn't been used in two years. He collapsed against the door and cried and cried until he couldn't cry anymore.

He killed so many people, so many innocent people. He used his powers irresponsibility and he couldn't imagine how ashamed his Uncle Ben would be of him right now. He figured that all the avengers thought of him as a monster now.

What was worse was the fact that he was able to remember every single persons name, and their final pleas for their lives. He counted in his head and figured out that he had murdered 237 people. 237! More than half were innocent people with families, and Peter destroyed that.

He did the one thing that Spiderman tried to prevent. He put others through what he had experienced as a child. Loss. That was Spider-Man's job, to prevent loss, but instead, he caused it.

He was taken from his thoughts when he heard a knock on his door.
"Peter, it's Bucky, please let me in. I know how you are feeling right now."

Peter stood up and hesitantly opened the door. Bucky walked in and they sat down together on Peter's bed. Peter didn't talk, but instead listened to Bucky.

"You think this is all your fault. You can remember the name of every single person that you killed. You remember the chair, and the endless torture that came with it. You remember feeling empty and out of control, and whenever you felt like you were starting to gain control again it was taken from you. Let me tell you something kid, I spent my first year of being free, blaming myself for everything that happened. That was the worst mistake I've ever made in my life. None of this was your fault okay? And I know no matter how many times you hear that, you still think it's your fault. But you have to understand, that what happened, Peter Stark didn't do that, Spiderman didn't do that, The Dark Slinger did that. And you are not The Dark Slinger."

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