Skinny Arms Part 2

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It's been about two weeks since Steve, Bucky and Clint found out how strong Peter was. Peter had also now become more aware of how much he could lift, and didn't tell himself that he couldn't lift something anymore.

He really wished he knew this when the vulture dumped a building on him because ever since he's found out, he felt stronger and more comfortable using his super strength.

Today was a lazy Sunday. Everyone was just lounging around. Natasha and Clint sat on the small sofa while Bucky, Steve and Peter sat on the large sofa.

The TV was on, playing some old show called friends that everyone was half watching. Peter was on his phone texting his best friend Ned.

Guy in the chair: so how's life with the avengers, man?
Spooderman: it's pretty chill right now. Just lounging around the common room.
Guy in the chair: I'll never understand how you call life with the mother freaking avengers 'chill'.
Spooderman: whatever man. Hey I gotta go Tony just came in the room, might have a mission.
Guy in the chair: K bye. Don't die plz. Then I won't get to be a guy in the chair anymore. Plus you're like my only friend.
Spooderman: wow I'm so glad you care.
Guy in the chair: K but for real, don't be stupid.
Spooderman: don't worry Ned, when am I ever stupid?
Guy in the chair: do you actually want me to answer that? Cause I can name hundreds of times.
Spooderman: Bye Ned

He turned off his phone and put it back in his pocket to pay attention to the billionaire standing in front of them.

"Fury needs us on a mission. It's about some hostage situation with bombs at a business building." Tony explained.

"Alright avengers, assemble." Steve said. Everyone stood up. Peter jumped up and Tony stopped him.
"Pete..." he started.
"Tony I'll be fine! You could use my help!" Peter pleaded. The others agreed and Tony sighed.

Peter ran to his room and got suited up. He swung over to the building right outside of town and they made their plan.

"Alright Clint and Spiderman, get the hostages to safety. Nat and Bucky, take out any associates this guy may have. And Tony, you and I will go straight for the head." Steve explained. Everyone nodded and they took off.

Natasha and Bucky took out the security surrounding the building while Clint and Peter snuck inside. Clint made the shush symbol to the hostages so that they didn't blow their cover. As soon as Peter and a good angle to web up some of the hostages and pull them towards him, Tony and Steve burst into the room.

The enemy looked surprised, so Peter webbed up four hostages and gave them to Clint. He let webbing them up until there was only one left.

Tony attacked first. He shot repulsers at the leader while Steve threw his shield back and forth. This man must have had some sort of power, because with a snap of his fingers he made Tony's suit go dead.

Iron Man fell to the ground.
"He deactivated my suit!" Tony yelled furiously. Peter saw his father figure in danger and rushed to get to him, momentarily forgetting about the last hostage.

Soon enough, Tony was outside the building. Steve got thrown out as well and was unconscious. Tony stepped out of the suit.
"Nat and Bucky are still taking care of guards. Clint's with the hostages and Steve and I are down. I need you to take care of him kid. But be careful." Tony said. Peter nodded and ran back into the building.

When he got there he completely forgot he had left one hostage inside with the leader. The enemy had the hostage close to him with a gun at her head.

"Take one step forward and I'll shoot her." The man sneered. Peter slowly raised his hands.
"Okay, don't shoot her. I have an idea, why don't you and me settle this, and she leaves?" Peter asked. He needed to get the hostage to safety.

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