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Spiderman, teenage superhero who helps the little guy. Sometimes aids the avengers when there's a fight in New York. They all love his talent and mindset, but are confused why he doesn't talk very much.

Peter Parker-Stark, adoptive son of Tony Stark and nephew of all the avengers. Straight-A student who doesn't hold back any secrets... that they know of.

Tony is the only one who knows about Peter's alter identity. He made him his suit so that way he could stay safe when he goes patrolling at night.

Peter is honestly surprised that none of the others have found out yet since he was keeping a secret from 2 spies/ex-assassins, 2 super-soldiers, a literal god, an angry green rage monster/super smart scientist and a witch who can read peoples minds.

Peter was currently hanging out in his personal lab tinkering with his web shooters. All was going well until he heard footsteps coming down the hall. He had lived with the avengers long enough to know how their footsteps sounded. And this wasn't Tony.

Peter quickly hid his shooters and pulled out a notebook with equations in it. Just as he did that, Steve walked into the room carrying a mug of hot chocolate.

"Hey Pete." He said. Peter smiled and waved.
"Hey Uncle Steve!"
Steve smiled as he set down Peter's mug.
"You should get to bed soon son, it's almost 10:00."
Peter nodded and gulped down his hot chocolate.

"Goodnight kiddo." Steve said as he started to walk out.
"Night Uncle Steve!"

Peter wouldn't be going to bed though.


After Peter was sure everyone was asleep, he threw on his suit and jumped out the window. He swung happily through the night, touching ground when he saw a familiar suit.

"Oh my god! It's Ironman! Can I get your autograph?" Peter joked. Tony turned around and lifted up his faceplate.

"Very funny kid." He rolled his eyes. Peter walked across the roof ledge, balancing himself by walking with his hands out. When he got bored he flopped down and dangled his feet over the edge.

"So what are you doing here? Peter asked. Tony shrugged.
"Just making sure you don't blow up another ferry or crash a plane." He smirked.

"Haha very funny. You know-" Peter began, but a loud explosion in the distance grabbed their attention. 

"Call the avengers, meet me there." Peter said as he jumped off the roof. Tony tried to call him back but the arachnid was already too far away.

Tony flew back to the tower to get the others.

Suddenly a bunch of sleepy avengers stumbled into the room.
"Tony? What's going on?" Bucky said as he yawned.
"What is it man of iron?" Thor asked too loudly for their sleepy ears.
"Yea why'd you wake us up?" Clint grimaced.

Tony rolled his eyes.
"Because there was a big explosion and Spiderman is there fighting whatever cause it alone! Say it Steve!"

Everyone became alert at the mention of their part time member (who was also their nephew but they don't know that) in danger.
"Avengers, Assemble!" Steve yelled.


When Peter arrived at the scene he saw the cause of the explosion. Otto Octavious, The Octopus. There he stood, laughing maniacally as the debris from the explosion surrounded him.

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