is this the end?

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Peter's POV

School had just ended and I couldn't wait to get to the tower! It was Friday and on Friday's me and Mr. Stark work together in the lab all night. Aunt May would be working late so this is perfect!

I made my way over to the giant tower, stopping at Mr. Delmar's new sandwich shop that I convinced Mr. Stark to buy for him. After the vulture incident it was the least I could do.

I walked through the large glass doors and received a smile from the lady at reception.
"Hello Peter." She said warmly. I waved back and continued on my way.

I stepped through security as Friday announced my clearance as usual.
"Peter Parker. Level 10."
I got a few stares from people wondering why a teenager had full access to stark tower, but no one ever said anything. I guess they didn't want to face an angry Mr. Stark.

I walked into Mr. Stark's personal elevator, and Friday greeted me like she always does.
"Welcome back Underoos, shall I inform boss that you have arrived?" She asked in her usual happy Irish tone. (Guys I looked it up it's Irish)

"Yes please Fri." I answered. I was pretty tired but I'm not gonna pass up a day to work with the Tony Stark in his personal/my personal lab!

The doors opened up a few moments later. Friday always took me to the avengers floor so I didn't need to ask her anymore. I walked in and saw Steve, Natasha and Bucky all lounging around. Nat looked up and smiled at me.

"Hey Peter!" She greeted warmly. Yes, the heartless Black Widow greeted me warmly. The others would probably tease her about it if they weren't so terrified of her.

"Hi Nat! Have you seen Mr. Stark?" I asked. She nodded and Bucky laughed.
"Why do you still call him 'Mr. Stark'?" He asked. I smirked and answered.
"Because it annoys him, duh."

Steve was chuckling now too.
"He's downstairs in Bruce's lab by the way." Steve added. I turned around and waved to them as I ran down the hall to the labs.

Yes it's true, I call all my teammates by their first name except for Tony. It's so much fun to call him Mr. Stark and watch him get all annoyed. I may be an A student but I still love to cause a little trouble.

The door to Bruce's lab opened automatically as I walked in front of it. I stepped into the room and saw Mr. Stark and Bruce leaning over some sort of equation on a board.

Tony must have noticed me because he turned around and rubbed his temples. Something he always does when he's frustrated. He sighed and pointed at the board that him and Bruce were so focused on.

"Hey Pete. You think you could take a look at this for us?" Mr. Stark asked. I nodded and walked over. I looked at the equation, something about velocity, and then I looked at their failed solution. I laughed at how silly their mistake was.

"You forgot to divide the gravity." I said as I laughed. Bruce face palmed and Tony sighed.
"Thanks Underoos." Tony replied. I nodded.
"Yea no problem, I'm gonna go-" I began but was cut off by an alarm blaring through the floor.

Then Steve's voice rang out.
"All avengers suit up. Code green and code spider." He said. My eyes widened. They never liked having me and Hulk fighting at the same time because they were so concerned about my 'well being'.

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